Top 10 Worlds Best Intelligence Agencies 2020

Good were the days, when money was less, power was limited and competition was minimum. People were safe in their houses and so were the countries. With the advent of technology, the competition to be the most powerful and rich has made this world unsafe. No doubt it is a bitter truth to swallow because conditions cannot be reverted to maintain safety and peace. But to tackle the threats towards the country, states’ have established some secret, mysterious agencies working for the safety and interest of the country. These secret service providers are actually the intelligence agency, mostly working undercover. Some of them have the best brains, formulating the best ideas of protection. Which country has got top brainiacs? Let us see in the list of Top 10 Worlds Best Intelligence Agencies In 2020.

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10. CSIS

Worlds Best Intelligence Agencies In 2020 -

Canada’s secret informant agency was established in 1984 and was named as CSIS which stands for Canadian Security Intelligent Service. Before its formation, another agency was operational in the country but was not working effectively. Located in Ottawa, Ontario and with a total of 2449 employees, this agency is answerable to the parliament. The services for the safeguard of the country especially from terrorism are one of its kinds.



Australia is a peaceful country and the peace is further maintained by ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service), the mystery agency. National and economic assets are secure by ASIS. It also keeps in contact with other agencies in the world. Recently, a bill was passed which made ASIS to work with foreign agencies like FBI, MI6 and CIA. The strategic surveillance makes it one of the best in its field. The organization started working in 1952 and is operational since then.




Khadamat-e Aetla’at-e Dawlati known as KHAD has been working in Afghanistan as a secret force since 1987. But the services were stopped in 1996 due to Civil war. The records were burned by Taliban and it did not come up front. But the services it provided to the country were non replaceable. It is stated that KHAD is bracing itself strongly to face any upcoming war.


7. BND

Germany’s secret force is known by the name of Bundesnachrichtendienst and for the convenience abbreviated as BND. It started working actively after World War II. The major aim of the BND was to gather information about the overseas countries and make policies to protect their state from them. BND also look after the criminal and terrorist activities operating in the countries which causes thret to the national security.


6. FSB

Worlds Best Intelligence Agencies In 2020 - FSB

Federal Security Service (FSB) is organization of Russia, shielding the country from decay threats, secretly. The agency was established in 1990 and is progressing gradually. Headquarters are in Moscow and total of 250,000 people are working for the protection of the country. Despite of spying the enemies of the country, FSB is also dealing with the terrorism factor. It is believed that the organization will be at the top of the list in the years to come due to its extraordinary surveillance abilities.


5. MSS

The emerging super power of the world China has one of the best intelligence organizations of the world, MSS (Ministry of State Security). China has threats from other super powers and so it is necessary to have an efficient intelligence agency. MSS is working responsibly since its formation. MSS gather substantial information about the enemies of China, especially those Communist parties which are against the country. Headquarters are located in the capital, Beijing. Geng Huichang is the director.


4. MI6/Secret Intelligence Services

Worlds Best Intelligence Agencies In 2020 - MI6 -Secret Intelligence Services

MI6 is an old agency, established in 1909 in the capital city of UK, London. The agency operates with the combine collaboration of Internal Security Service and Government Communications Headquarters. The basic aim of MI6 is the protection of state. And this shielding is done by spying and counter spying. About 3200 officials are presently working day and night to safeguard the national assets of the country. MI6 also plays significant role in keeping relations with the other countries.



MOSSAD came into existence in 1949 and is actively working since then. Like other intelligence agencies, it is not a military organization rather a non-military one. But the people enrolled are given military training to meet the defense challenges. The undercover operations of MOSSAD are mind blowing. MOSSAD plays an important role in the wars Israel faces with other nations. Major dealings of MOSSAD are with the Arab countries. This organization also takes care about the Jews and their migration from Syria and other countries. The headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Russia. Nuclear war was diminished in Israel due the efforts of this intelligence agency. The faculty includes a total of 1200 people.

2. ISI

Worlds Best Intelligence Agencies In 2020 - ISI

ISI is Pakistan’s intelligence agency and is an abbreviation of Inter-Services Intelligence. ISI came into existence in 1948, just after the partition of India and Pakistan. The headquarters are situated in the country’s capital city, Islamabad. The force includes men from the three defense forces; army, air force and navy.

The agency serves multi purposes, but the main purpose is safety and security of the country. It shields the national assets and political and social interests of the country. ISI keeps a vigilant eye on all the borders of Pakistan safeguarding it from external enemies. ISI’s efficient role in war against terrorism, Afghan war and Kargil war makes it stand on the top of the list. The strategic brains of ISI are unbeatable.

1. CIA

Worlds Best Intelligence Agencies In 2020 - CIA

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was once on number one in the world. It lost the rank and credibility after the mysterious incident of 9/11. Nonetheless, CIA is serving USA as one of the best organizations of the country. It gathers information from in and outside of the country and then analyzes them which are transferred to law making agencies. In this way such rules and laws are formulated which are in the best of the national interests. CIA is credited to break USSR in cold war. The headquarters are in Langley, Virginia near Washington DC and it was established in the year of 1947. CIA is no doubt the most famous and popular intelligence agency among the common masses throughout the world.



  1. Why RAW is not present in world top 10 intelligence agency

    • Because It sucks !! Believe me. 🙂

    • Because there is no performance of RAW………and plz don’t compare it with ISI

    • Reason why RAW (or Raaaaa on Indian media) is not a top intelligence agency is simply because it’s controlled by its government; like many other agencies from across the world.
      ISI is above any jurisdiction, law, constitution AND government of Pakistan. They are free to use any resource and asset to get what they want. ISI is the reason there is a Pakistan. It’s a bitter truth for Indians but it’s facts.

    • Bcz woh sirf kabootar pakarty hen lolllzzzzz

    • i think , you have to see RAW in top 10 worst intelligence agencies , you can find their

    • because raw is crap and useless underperformed that’s why they are not on top ten anybody can walk in india raw wont know happened

      • The fact is ISI sourcevof information is muslims which r presnt im evry corner of world.. The whole world knws tht muslims r big time traitors. Thts y ISI is very powerful in terms of source of information.. There r many motherfucker ISI agents roaming in India who r unfortunately Indian citizns n muslims.. ISI is only organization having lacs of informers worldwide n everbdy can guess who these informers r..

  2. Yeah that’s the right one

  3. No doubt ISI is the world top Agency And I love my Agency We love you ISI. You’re the world best Agency.

  4. Simply the best…..! On top

  5. Mashallah Alhamdulillah i feel very very happy that Allah make our country Intelgence Agencies is the top one All over the world, the world should have to know that Pakistan came in being for a Special purpose therefore it present on the world map From the beginning 1947 The enemies of All over the world together to Harm Pakistan but know one can do this there r two Cities in World which Build for Islam only Madina manawara And Pakistan . And i beg for longlife to see Pakistan Super Islamic Power i m now about 41 year old May be i can leave 40years more to see the Happy time of our country.Becuase since from 1979 whwn i was 6 years old my father saying to us that rassia is comming to Attack on Pakistan and further go to Iraq for Oil But the Allah give a power to Mujahedeen of Islam and 1990 the Russia split ed in Many parts After this America came in 1999 And ofter 16 years they dont know how to flee from Afghanistan Inshallah Jab tak Pattan zinda rahega koi Maee ka lal Pakistan ki tarf ghalat sochna bhi gowara nahi kere ga Pak Army Dawat e Tabligh Mujaheedeen Islam Allah Aap Ko Ghiab ki madad Atta Kare AAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMEEEEEEENNNNNN

  6. Adnan Nasir Mughal

    I appriciate our ISI and pray for best working and perform their task daily.
    Thanks and Congrates

  7. bilal ahmad charsadwal

    i lv isi nd pr0ud to be pakstani,

  8. we love pakistan .

  9. we love ISI.

  10. I love ISI…..

  11. Pakistan Zindah Baad.

  12. Isi is best in the world

  13. we love isi

  14. Pakistan islam k nam pr bna yani hum ny khuda sy vada kia k hum elahda vatan ma tera nezam raij krain gy. Hum vaday sy phr gay or khuda e raheem ny ipnay inamat or madad rok le. Musalman kuch b nahi ha agr khuda sath nahi ha. Or tarekh gawah ha k jb jb hum ny khuda k sath keya hua muahida ( kalima) nebahya khuda ny hmain king bnaya. Ab b agr pakistan bach raha ha tou us zat he ka karam ha vrna india israel usa tou pehly din sy he isko khatam krny k drpay hn. Hmara masla india israel or usa nahin hn hmara masla khuda k kanun ko pamal krna ha. Or anqareeb kuch logo ke kurbanyo ke vaja sy khuda e pak hum sb ke hedayat ka faisla krnay valy hn. Tb daikhain gy kon tutta ha india ya pak. Hmain dehshat gardi ka samna ha gurbat ka samna ha or baqi masail ka samna ha jb tk hum khuda ke azmat or bymesal taqat sy sarf e nazar kr rahay hn.bani israel ny jb musa sy kaha k hum ap pr or ap k rub pr eman ly phr b hum mar khatay hn or mazlum hn. Musa a.s ny jwab deya eman tou lai amal nahi krtay .vo bray aqalmnd thy foran amal shuru kr deya or khuda k faislay b foran he a gay. Hum bujat bevaquf hn pittay ja rahay hn lakin jo krna ha vo krnay ka nam nahi ly rahay…

  15. Hum bahadur hn jb eman hmaray dil ma utra ho .lakin jb dunya ke mohabat galib ho tb hum ma or unma kia faraq reh jata ha.humain zarutat ha k hum khuda or usky pyaray rasool k sath vafa krnay valy ho jain.humain zarutat ha k hum gairon or gairon k nezam or revayat sy hrgiz mutasir na hon bl k hmaray dil sir apny khuda ke azmat orvapny nabi ke bymesal hasti sy mutasir hon. Hum ny tou gairon ko apny gharon ma ghusaya hua ha jaha vo roz nachtay hn or hm vah vah krtay hn ( tv).hum zuban sy kehtay hn k hum musalman hn lakin jb moqa milta ha hum lapaktay hn dunya or iske asaishon k pechay. Hum zuban sy kehtay hn k islam aik mukamal zabta hayat ha lakin sudi nezam ko raij kr rakkha ha. Tou phr jasy hum vasy hum py hukmran. Khuda k kisi na kisi kanun ko zarur follow kr rahay hn ye europe or america valy jo khuda ny unko dunya ma taraqi dy takhi ha. Vrna ye ho nahi skta k khuda ke zamen py khuda ka kanun pura keyay bena khuda kisi qom ko taraqi dy ikhlaq or emandari he ko lejeyay vo log hum sy kahin agay hn . Kanun tou ye islam ka tha apnay unho ny or paya b unho ny. Agr hum khuda ke makhlooq hn tou kia vo khuda ke makhlooq nahin hn? Hum behtar tb hn or khuda k ladly tb bntay hn jb hum us k kanun pr amal paira ho k apni marzi khtam kr k sirf or sirf us k ehkamat ko pura krtay us k habib sy vafa krtay zindagi guzarain..agr hum aisa nahi krtay tou phr vada tornay valy ka jo hal hota ha vohi hmara hona chahya jb k vada b kisi aisay sy toro jo hr lehaz sy galib or ikhteyar vala ho. Vo jutay nahi lagai ga tou or kia kray ga. Ke Mohammad sy vafa tunay tou hum tete hn ye jahan cheez ha kia loho qalam tere hn……

  16. Pakistan zindabad

  17. proude to be pakistani

  18. I feel really proud after watching our ISI is number one in the whole world. Even America and Russia are far behind from ISI. Really Salute

    • Then how you lost 1971 and so many others..

      • we lost our part but only because our own people misleading,but what kind of agency you established that misleading whole india,totally wrong thing they told you,even they kept a pigeon and say that ISI send him,,and your media is all time afraid of ISI

      • Yes its right in 1971 Pakistan has lost its one side. West Pakistan because only and only one thing thats why India take advantage of this. Pakistan has no proper route/way to go there. We have only one option go there by sea and we have at that time no such facilities like now. So India take advantage of it. You have second example of Balochistan and Karachi where indian agency Raw (not only but according to news over 50 intelligence including CIA & MOSAD) try to do same as history in Bangladesh. But Alhamdulillah our forces do very good job and you all can see.
        Do you anyone know why ISI is number one. Because ISI has a great experience of war specially in Afghan during war with USSR (x-world supper power but not now because of ISI). ISI teaches by CIA and others. Its not so easy to keep first position. There are some facts but mostly did not know about it.
        Good luck you ISI and Pak forces, We love you.


  20. I love pakistan i love isi and to be proud that isi is one of the best secret ejence of world. Top position of ISI slap on RAW

    • Then how you lost 1971 and so many others..!!

      • not many other then 71 you lost all wars and in 71 you won because of civil war in East Pakistan. cross border infiltration by India. A training camp in Agertala that trained Muktibani. Because you know that if you come to a Pakistan which is not weak internally that history of 65 will be repeated

      • Yes its right in 1971 Pakistan has lost its one side. West Pakistan because only and only one thing thats why India take advantage of this. Pakistan has no proper route/way to go there. We have only one option go there by sea and we have at that time no such facilities like now. So India take advantage of it. You have second example of Balochistan and Karachi where indian agency Raw (not only but according to news over 50 intelligence including CIA & MOSAD) try to do same as history in Bangladesh. But Alhamdulillah our forces do very good job and you all can see.
        Do you anyone know why ISI is number one. Because ISI has a great experience of war specially in Afghan during war with USSR (x-world supper power but not now because of ISI). ISI teaches by CIA and others. Its not so easy to keep first position. There are some facts but mostly did not know about it.
        Good luck you ISI and Pak forces, We love you.

      • what so many others, hahaha world is full stupids like you guy

  21. Proud to be a pakistani,
    ISI zindabad, pakistan zindabad

  22. MashahAllah i proud pakistan

  23. Hahaha good pakistanio an yo india KO bi pata chal gya hai year after year isi is on 1 ab to wo bi thak by hain roo roo ky good btothers. Shocked this year no comment against isi by jealous Pakistan

  24. Muhammad arslan umer

    isi zindabad

  25. Indians ko Heart attack ho jai ga is she…..
    Isi we proud on you
    Long live Pakistan.
    Batky rahainga kusdustan mean India…

      • Yes its right in 1971 Pakistan has lost its one side. West Pakistan because only and only one thing thats why India take advantage of this. Pakistan has no proper route/way to go there. We have only one option go there by sea and we have at that time no such facilities like now. So India take advantage of it. You have second example of Balochistan and Karachi where indian agency Raw (not only but according to news over 50 intelligence including CIA & MOSAD) try to do same as history in Bangladesh. But Alhamdulillah our forces do very good job and you all can see.
        Do you anyone know why ISI is number one. Because ISI has a great experience of war specially in Afghan during war with USSR (x-world supper power but not now because of ISI). ISI teaches by CIA and others. Its not so easy to keep first position. There are some facts but mostly did not know about it.
        Good luck you ISI and Pak forces, We love you.


  26. So happy to See Pakistan at the top. May Pakistan Remains forever at the Top of all agencies. Ameen. Pakistan Zindabad. Pakistan Army Zindabad. Long Live Pak Army.

  27. Dr Faisal Soomro

    Geo ISI. RAW moonh dho ke aao. Even not in 10s hahaha. Allah hamesha ISI ko number 1 per rakhe & ise Pakistan & Islam ke hifazat ke taufeek atta kre.Ameen

      • Yes we remember India took advantage of one thing that is route/way. Pakistan has no proper route/way to go West Pakistan or Bangladesh. Only one option go by sea. So India took advantage. But you know India think that they could again go this and plan for Baluchistan and Karachi. (If you can like to face the truth you can research on it). India used Afghanistan with the help of America and Israel. But an operation held by Pak Forces Indian Agency’s plan break. No doubt UK, America and Israel helps India every time. However know in Baluchistan Pak Army has control very well. Go to news and see. Dear its easy to talk but difficult to prove. Writer of post is not mad or not give comments without any study.
        Do you anyone know why ISI is number one. Because ISI has a great experience of war specially in Afghan during war with USSR (x-world supper power but not now). ISI & Pak Forces teaches/learnt by CIA and others in that war. Now they have great experience all the way.Its not so easy to keep first position. There are some facts but mostly did not know about it.
        Good luck you ISI and Pak forces, We love you.

  28. Geo ISI Geo Pakistan

  29. The reason that isi is on the top of the list is thier interference in Afghanistan and middle east countries.
    I do respect the people of Pakistan but not who support ISI.
    Stop supporting ISI

    • we r supporting ISI coz we re pakistani and we always supporting ISi and PAKISTAN Zindabad ISI zindabad ::: one more thing hum tumhe tumhry ghr me ghuss k maryy gy

    • no dear you have wrong information,ISI working only on logic and realities,no interfere in middle east but only about the enemies of Pakistan,this is RAW who want to separate muslim communities but they never succeed because this is fact that muslims has no borders they have only 1 nation weather they are indian or Pakistani or any where in the world.

    the reason of war in Afghanistan

    • also fuck RAW because unho pakistan k sirf 1 bandy hafiz saeed sy daar k 50 croor ki movie bna dali pakistani 1 bandy k ley 50 croor to jani baqi to 22 cror or pakistani han un ka kia kro gy or tumhri RAW sirf munee badnam or sheela ko jawan kr sakti hay

    • faisal waqar yousafzai

      Go to hell raw is not in the list of top ten

    • I know why you abusing. You people have no faith. Anyone can buy you. For example America give you Dollars and stay their Forces in your country. Now Indian spend money and you give them your country. Mostly people say Taliban supported by Pakistan. Do you know Where they came from. In USSR war America trained peoples to defeat USSR. America give them weapons. Pakistan has not enough money to do this, simple. So when America break USSR by Afghans/jihads etc and went back. They trained people fight with their own peoples to take control on country. And “Taliban’s” came into being. So you should to talk with them because they are after all your peoples. Go ahead man. Don’t blame anyone. You should take step against them yourself, otherwise call America and India in this regard.

  31. Long live isi. Love u.


  33. yaar mera kutta kahin kho gya hai…jara ISI se keh do dhundh de…

  34. L0ve you Pak , L0ve you ISI ,Love you Pak Army And SSG!

    • You Pakistanis are bloody peoples our raw makes your country unstabl and you peoples are celebrating your maut

      • hahaha how foolish stags are you indians,your Raw is only disable india,and the time is near when whole world and you indians see the postmortem of your so called intelligence agency..

  35. I love Pakistan and I Love ISI

  36. I Love also Pakistani Army

  37. saifullah kham marwat

    MashALLAH and one thing every Indian must in there mind that u took advantage of Presence’s of NATO forces in Afghanistan and do every possible damage to our country even you planned to kill our children but when ever the NATO forces gone that will be day of our revenge . and I think its close inSHALLAH so sight your positions for your graves

  38. love you ISI
    keep working for the betterment of world
    The cheif of all intelligence agencies is ISI
    its means PAKISTAN is real SUPER POWER of the whole world

  39. why is ISI on the top. they couldn’t defend pakistan against terrrorism and more than 40000 people died because of bomb blasts. i think they are granted the top position because of their assistance to CIA in afghan war. why dont they secretly threat corrupt politicians so the nation get rid of them,

    • It is in process dear. Over 50 countries agencies are working including CIA AND MOSAD the supporters of RAW. During last year after Pak forces operation in Balochistan and Karachi you can see the result very clear and it is also in process. Yes it is because of ISI work hard. But corrupt people are all over the world both in India too. Checkout the result about it on google. You can see corruption in India is greater than Pakistan. But very sad how India can control on it. Just by making films but its another news that film stars and producers are also in corruption. Go on man and see behind yourself. A great game is waiting to give you surprise.
      Love you Pakistan, ISI and all Forces.

  40. riteshkumarpandaarmy

    Raw is best, see the valor of Indian army officers in kargil war you bloody Pakistani army was crushed down and your mujahedeen the pigs are chutiya and went away

    • manty ho na raw ny pakistan ko unstable kia ha mtlb pakistan mn terrorism raw krwa rai ha. terrorist to raw hoi ilzam isi py q lgaty ho

    • what happend in kargil??? go to your elders and ask him why they left their peoples dead bodies and ran away????? and your army chief left the country at that time,went to amerca and requested sieze fire?? plzz face the realities, and the great indian army what did with Kashmiries???? you never feel the suffering of kashmiries because you people are coward,everytime when an indian want to speak the truth your intelligence killed him,



    • This is just a myth that you won in Kargil. You lost it big time. Remember Bofar’s scandal and body bag scandal. Nether your soldiers were able to get up there nor your artillery fire was making any impact. Prime minister of that time Wajpie called American President Bill Clinton for help. Who then called Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharef and asked to leave the top of hills. Then the hill were evacuated and on empty hills you reached and started claiming victory. You on your own are nothing. That victory claimed by Indian army is to make people fool and you are on of them.

  41. I am also a member of ISI pakistan

  42. i am also a member of ISI

  43. ISI is the best Pakistan is the best and Raheel Shareef is the best Masha Allah

  44. india walo jalna chora tm log apni raw ko movies mn number one bna kr jo khush ho lety ho so chill 😀

    • Haha.. Abe tmhari koi aukat hai jo hum jalenge..tumhare khud paki bhai log pakistan chhod kar UK main refugee ban rahe hai.. Jinhe apni nationality bolne main sharm aati hai..ISI is a crminl agency n desrve number ur Pakistan first from disintegration tht we gonna do soon..

  45. The comparison reveals that Pakistan is far behind than India from all aspects whether its area ,number of armed forces or it comes for resources. Since partition India is trying its level best to erase Pakistan from the map of the world. Despite of the fact of fighting with a country having very large area, army ,navy , air force and RAW ,Pakistan has never allowed you Indians to achieve your targets. Now you have established a joint venture with Israel( your father) to fulfill your dreams of erasing Pakistan ……. Shame on you and your bravery…. A country, far less from all aspects, is not allowing you wolves to achieve your targets. Is it the success of RAW or ISI? Now RAW is working on killing our innocent people , school students and the people offering their prayers in mosques ……what a plan and what a bravery. Shame on you animals…. Put your best and you I’ll see a gradually upgrading prosperous Pakistan…bqz after suffering a lot ( from corruption and corrupt leaders ,energy crisis,lawlessness and injustice ), being a nation, we are setting our values ,getting closer to the fulfilment of the eternal laws set by the lord.. The whole India is awaiting the rule of Muslims . Let us first make our lord with us by assuring him not to break his laws anymore…The time is very close when you will see a superpower Pakistan and even more prosperous India under the rule of GREAT PAKISTAN…..

    • Idiot a mulla country can never b prosperous.. India is much advanced in science n technology n its agencies like ISRO in top 10 in world..there r many other fields like medical , IT where we hav made our mark.. Pakistans gdp is smallr thn our single compny like tata or reliance. Bettr compete in those fields which cn give bettr life to ur people instead of thinking of war, as pakistan cnt sustain more thn two days in case it happns.. Bettr improve ur economy first which we r doing..ur own people r taking refuge in developed countries..

  46. Zra apni tareekh( history) py nazar dorao ,Hindustan sy bahir aj tk tum nekal nahi pai.. Zra apnay mazhab py nazar dorao zat pat or nainsafi ,jitny Hindu utnay dharam .zra apnay secular kehalvany py nazar dorao har koe tumhary he mulk ma tum sy nafrat krta ha. Jo b azadi ke bat krta ha tum uska gala ghont k usay mar daltay ho. Asal bat he ha k tumhain hazaro salo k bad hukomat mili ha Jo tum sy hazam nahi ho rahi. Aj tum uth k aik aisi Qom (Muslim) k baray ma bakvas krtay ho jiski aik shandar tarekh ha or hazaro sal tumharay aba o ajdad jis k talvay chat ty rahay hn. Tum ny east Pakistan elahda krvaya ….kia apni bahaduri sy ya hmari naittefaqi KO hawa dy kr? Kargil ma KIA tumhary chief NY ja k america sy pak army k retrieval ke bhek nahi mangi the? AGR hmaray hukmaran munafiq na hotay tou daikhtay k tum kargil kasy laitay hum sy. Hmary hukmarano KO havas or hirs ke bemari ha islya unke gand ma pani nahi ha .hmari dua ha k khuda hmary kasur muaf kr k hmain gairat mnd hukmaran ata kray (amin).ab tum NY Pakistan ma dehshat gardi shuru kr rakhi ha …jiska khamyaza anqareb tumhain bhugtana pray ga…q k zalim KO b khuda 4 din daita ha 5van din phr munsif ka he hota ha Jo insaf ka hota ha. Tumhari bahaduri ka naqab utarta hua daikhna ha tou zra 1965 ma jao. Jb tumhari army k pas kae din ka ammunition mojud tha jb k pak army apna Sara ammunition khatam kr chuki the is k bavajud tumhari hand phat gae the or tumhara pm jang bandi ke bhek mangnay UNO pohnch gya tha. AGR tumhary tattoo ma pani hota tou lartay na…tum aik buzdil Qom ho..jiaka maidan surf makkari or ayyari ha..or is maidan ma tum vaqe kamyab ho

  47. sun lo be o0 indian chutiya isi on the list or uper kia hota hai yeh tum tatto se ziada koi nai janta hai ab banana filmain or pakistan ko dikha baap bana ke dikhana or tum filmo ke sher banne k elawa or kuch kar bhi nai sakte ho,,,,,,, or han us film main ab sunny deol ko pakistani banana take film hi kutte ki maut mare boht take hamare paas bhi ek aisa actor ho jo ek hath se truck utha le ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or sonu srf film main hi larna haqeeqat main mat karna nai to kaha ghuse gi hamari SSG pata bhi nai chalega ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD ,,,,,,,,,,
    PAKISTAN PAINDABAD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  48. ISI is the best because its from pakistan

  49. Pakistan Zindabaad No one is like Pakistan’s Intelligence.Love you Pakistan.

  50. Long live Pakistan NO one is like Pakistan Intelligence.

  51. Dono vai pak and india lad lo aapas me…?yahi to krte aa rhe hai hm dono..and pura world maja le rha hai…congratulation pakistani’s bro and indians’ bro

    • Wo hamara pani band kar day…phir apni marzi say chor day…thousands of people die every year by flood, which is caused by INDIA. Balochistan may azadi ki tahreeko ko support karay…karachi may terrorism ko promote karay…kashmir, waha to jo ho raha hai kaha bhi nahi ja sakta…hamaray mulk kay mausoom bacho tak ko na choray.
      Aur hum sirf PEACE IN THE SUB-CONTINENT ki khatir chup rahay no my dear friend. We are Muslims we are taught peace, harmony, pa
      tience and friendliness by our religion. But our prophet (PBUH) also teach us to protect our homeland and people aganist enemies like INDIA.

  52. I Love Inter Service Intelligence ( ISI ) ,, we are proud of you

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