Top 10 World’s Best Snooker Players

It is believed that snooker was invented in India for the first time in 20th century. The credit for initiating this game goes to British Army. Nowadays, snooker clubs are found in every country of the world. The players of snooker are as appreciated as that of cricket or any other similar game. International snooker tournaments are held and the winning individual for every tournament is awarded well for his awesome performance. Even the International Olympic Committee has played its vital part in making the snooker a world famous game by arranging different tournaments every now and then. The list of Top 10 World’s Best Snooker Players  is given below. So have a look and enjoy!


10. John Higgins

World's Best Snooker Players -

John Higgins is a well known and famous snooker player of Scotland. He has so far won various championships and is highly appreciated for his awesome performance the world over. According to a statistical report, John Higgins has so far made over 700 points.


9. Mark Allen

World's Best Snooker Players - Mark Allen

Mark Allen is a North Irish resident and a highly professional snooker player of the era. Mark has won Jingsu Classic China, UK Snooker Championships and various similar tournaments. It seems that there is still a high pathway of success for Mark to go on. He has been able to make about 800 points.


8. Marco Fu

World's Best Snooker Players - Marco Fu

Marco Fu belongs to Hong Kong. Marco is said to be a very mature and experienced snooker player and is known to have his distinctive tricks and techniques for winning the games. Marco won Main Tour Championship and different seasonal tournaments, scoring about 870 points.


7. Mark Davis

World's Best Snooker Players - Mark Davis

The name of Mark Davis is taken as one of the highest and well paid snooker players in the world. Mark Davis never stops himself to take challenges and tries to win every championship. Mark has marked the Hedges Championship of 2003 and so far he has been able to point 900. Mark Davis is in the game since a long and seems that this 40 years old man’s career will sum up soon. But who knows what will happen next.


6. Ronnie O Sullivan

World's Best Snooker Players - Ronnie O Sullivan

Ronnie O Sullivan has had been an interesting snooker player and a nice guy indeed. Rooney plays the game in a very natural and distinctive flow, and it never seems that he is under pressure. Ronnie has so far earned about 950 points and his every play is enough crispy to make the crowd remain occupied till the end.


5. Jimmy White

World's Best Snooker Players - Jimmy White

Jimmy White is one of the leading and most famous snooker players who are known to give a finished and interesting appeal to his way of playing. Jimmy marks his points well distinctively and in a humorous style. He has made 1001 points in his snooker career.


4. Neil Robertson

World's Best Snooker Players - Neil Robertson

Neil is a man of principles and never injustice his game. He has so far won bundles of tournaments such as Welch Open, Bahrain Championships, World Snooker Tournament, Wuxi Classics and others. Neil is making a lot of money from every game he plays, he is every now and then offered with commercial offers and the chance to appear on television screens, but who knows Neil will accept all those offers or will be focusing on his game only.


3. Ding Junhui

World's Best Snooker Players - Ding Junhui

Ding Junhui is currently a resident of Sheffield. He was born in 1987 and after completing his education, he struggled to become a snooker player. It is said that Ding has a spark of snooker from the early days of his life, in school going age he used to play at home with his father and friends. This is might be the reason that Ding’s snooker playing skills are so much polished as he had a charm of the game since his childhood. Ding is no doubt one of the most successful and favorite snooker players of Asia who has made 1200 points.


2. Judd Trump

World's Best Snooker Players - Judd Trump

It won’t be wrong for us to say that Judd Trump has had been one of the revolutionary and creative snooker players of all the times. Even after his game is over, the spell of Judd’s fine performance remains dominating the heart of his fans. Judd belongs to England basically but he uses to move to other countries of the world for playing different national and international tournaments. It is never so easy for the rival player to compete or defeat Judd as he has his distinctive and exceptional style to play. Judd earns a handsome amount from his game and keeps on focusing on his career to become a perfectionist.


1. Stuart Bingham

World's Best Snooker Player 2020 is Stuart Bingham

Stuart Bingham is at the World’s Best Snooker Player of 2020 . Why? So simple to answer that he is a true perfectionist of snooker. Since the day he entered into this game as a player, he has been able to score well and earned 1400 points. He has had  the highest break date of 150 in the history of snooker. This 38-years old performer has made various century breaks. According to a report, Stuart has made over 150 century breaks and won Australian Goldfield Open as well as Premier League.

But this list of his success is far away beyond completion as there are so many other ranks to be accompanied with the name of Stuart. He is doubtlessly the finest and a truly professional snooker player of the era.

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