Top 10 World’s Most Mysterious Places

This World is very beautiful with various countless gorgeous spots that are a source of attraction for various visitors each year. These places depicts the extreme beauty and calmness of nature but on the other corner of globe there are also some places that are extremely scary and mysterious and most of the people will consider them a hell and suggest everyone to keep away from them, if they really know about the facts and figures of that creepy places. Here we have the list of Top 10 World’s Most Mysterious Places, which are believed to be sites of various unusual happenings and strangeness. Read the thrilling facts and scary secrets of these places.


10. South Atlantic Anomaly

World's Most Mysterious Places -

The South Atlantic Anomaly is like a Bermuda triangle in the space. It is an area where the inner Van Allen radiation belt of the Earth comes closest to the surface of the Earth. It is an area that is centered just few kilometers off the coast of Brazil and is responsible for various problems with spacecraft and satellite, from bungling up their functions to literally locking down their programs. The causes of these issues have not identified yet, some think it is because of high level of radiations, but scientists are not sure about the exact cause.


9. Lake Anjikuni

World's Most Mysterious Places -Lake Anjikuni

Lake Anjikuni is a lake located in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut of Canada and is mysterious due to disappearances of a few individuals. The most renowned incidence of mysterious mass disappearance in the history of North America is the disappearance of an entire village located in this area. In 1930, a fur trapper named as Joe Labelle, who was full aware of the Inuit village found that the all villagers had vanished and there were unfinished shirts with needles in them and cooked food on fire. He also found some dogs dead because of starvation and a grave that was dug up. He reported the RCMP to begin an investigation about villagers but none of them could be traced. Some people also reported about the strange lights visualized above the lake near the time of disappearance. Aliens, vampires and even ghosts are claimed to be responsible for disappearance.


8. The Devil’s Sea

World's Most Mysterious Places - The Devil’s Sea

The Devil’s Sea also known as the Dragon’s triangle, is an area of the Pacific Ocean and is renowned because of some strange incidences as its Atlantic counterpart is located near Bermuda. It is claimed to be a site of countless cryptic disappearances of ships and planes, magnetic anomalies, lapses in time, mystifying objects and lights and is also considered a danger zone by Japanese fishing authorities. In 1952, a research vessel sent out by the Japanese government for investigation, comprising of 31 individuals with one group leader Kaio Maru No. 5 also got disappeared and were never seen again.  There are different predictions of people about these events whether it is due to aliens or the high volcanic activity in that area.


7. Bigelow Ranch

World's Most Mysterious Places -  Bigelow Ranch

Bigelow Ranch that was previously known as Skinwalker Ranch and Sherman Ranch, is a scary property located on southeast of Ballard, Utah and is supposedly the site of UFO sightings, animal mutilation and other paranormal activities. The early tales about this property depicts that the family that had purchased and occupied this property recently had only to experience a wide variety of frightening and inexplicable events including the visualization of large wolf and no effects of bullet on him. Its one time owners, Terry and Gwen Sherman were tired and scared of these scary events and wanted to get rid of it, so they sold their ranch to Robert Bigelow in 1996.


6. Point Pleasant

World's Most Mysterious Places - Point Pleasant

It is a city in West Virginia, United States of America, located at the Junction of the Rivers Ohio and Kanawha. It was just a name of the place, but now it is concealed in stories of mysterious and scary events that seem to be nothing but a sarcastic alliteration. The most renowned of these incidences includes a creature named as Mothman, who was witnessed by a number of individuals of this area.

In late 1966, numerous citizens of Point Pleasant saw this creature named Mothman, which had glowing red eyes with large moth like wings. There are different views of the people about this creepy creature, some believe it to be an extraterrestrial, other a freak or monster, and some believe it is just the fear of Point Pleasant people. However, the case of this monster ceased after the collapse of SilverBridge in December, 1967, killing 46 individuals and makes some people to believe that the two incidences were somehow interlinked. There are also some other paranormal stories belong to this area including UFO sightings.


5. Michigan Triangle

World's Most Mysterious Places -  Michigan Triangle

One of the World’s Most Mysterious Place is the Michigan Triangle, it is located in the middle of Lake Michigan. It is a mysterious site that has weird incidences of disappearance of both sea and land craft. Numerous stories have been documented of strange disappearances, unexplained happenings, time standing still, speeding up, or slowing down and other unusual appearance of strange creatures in this triangle. The disappearance of Captain Donner, on April 28, 1937 from his cabin, on the way through this triangle is still a mystery as no one could found his trace. On June 23, 1950, the flight 2501 disappeared while diverting its path to Michigan Triangle and neither the body of humans nor the body of plane could be traced.


4. San LuisValley

World's Most Mysterious Places - San LuisValley

The San Luis Valley is a comprehensive high altitude basin that is located in the U.S state of Colorado and is approximately 119 km wide and 196 km long. It is a geographic region that is renowned for hundreds of UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, animal mutilations and the most unusual sand dune desert of the world. At this place UFO sightings are so much common that a woman called as Judy Messoline has set up a watchtower for UFO on her property, and numerous sightings are witnessed by her and various other individuals at a time. It is not the UFO sightings that have made this place mysterious but the tales of cattle and animal mutilations add more thrill as one of the animals was found with his brain missing, and many others had to face some merciless acts. These mutilations happen late at night and healthy creatures are become victims. Some farmers have reported the visualization of strange lights on the sky one night before finding a corpse and believe the involvement of extraterrestrials in all these things.


3. Bennington Triangle

World's Most Mysterious Places - Bennington Triangle

The Bennington Triangle is a wild area in Vermont, USA, within which a number of individuals have mysteriously disappeared between 1920 and 1950. This “mystery triangle” focused around GlastenburyMountain and also includes most of the areas of the towns that immediately surround it, specifically Woodford, Bennington, Somerset and Shaftsbury. The first incidence of disappearance is of Middie Rivers who disappeared while hunting, on 12th of November, 1945. He was guiding a group comprising of four hunters and the all were lost in the Bennington area and were never see again. In 1946, Paula Weldon who was a sophomore at Bennington College went for hiking on the Long Trail and at some turn at trail she disappeared and could not be traced. The disappearance of James Tedford , Paul Jepson and Frieda Langer disappearance remained a mystery in this mysterious place, just the body of Frieda was found but it was in such a deformed form that no cause of death could be identified.


2. Bermuda Triangle

World's Most Mysterious Places - Bermuda Triangle

One of the mysterious places in the world is Bermuda triangle, also named as the Devil’s triangle. It is a loosely defined mysterious place that is located in western part of the North Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan. This triangular area has captured people’s attentions and imaginations from many years because of the disappearance of a number of aircraft’s and ships under mysterious circumstances. The strange fact about Bermuda triangle is that no one could trace the actual reasons behind all these incidents as whether these are due to alien abduction, sea monsters or because of simple weather conditions.

There are various planes and ship which got disappeared under unexplained circumstances as one of the incident includes in which the pilots of U.S Navy vanished while flying over the area and the planes were never traced. Many other ships and boats vanished without interrupting communication messages. Some explanations regarding the mysteries in this region include magnetic anomalies, gas deposits, hurricanes, pirates, huge waves, rough weather and human error. UFO sightings are supposedly common here and many ships have reported unexplained troubles and compass failure inside the triangle.


1. Bridge Water Triangle

World's Most Mysterious Places - Bridge Water Triangle

Triangles are dangerous, so keep away from them especially from the mysterious Bridge water triangle. It is an area of about 200 square miles in Massachusetts in the United States of America and is claimed to be a spot of asserted supernatural phenomena. This triangle is claimed to one of the world’s most concentrated regions of varied paranormal reports in the world. It is a place that is famous because of various cryptozoological sightings including UFO sightings, Bigfoot sightings, thunder birds sightings, spook lights, animal mutilations, and hearing of unusual voices.During the 1970’s, a number of UFO sightings were reported from the triangle and were witnessed by multiple customers of the restaurant in 1973.

In 1978, a Bigfoot like creature that was a half man and half ape was visualized near the swamp. The existence of pterodactyl-like flying creature or giant birds are claimed to have been in this area. Ghost lights and numerous incidents of animal devastation have been reported. From UFO sightings to ghost appearance and unusual voices, this area is featured with a number of spots that are claimed to possess an energy unlike any other spot in the space.

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