Top 10 World’s Most Richest Wrestlers 2020

Wrestling is a physical art of fighting. Wrestling is one of the most popular modern sports. A lot of youngsters show deep interest in this sport. While some consider it violent and injurious others consider it fun and enjoyable.

Either way there are a lot of people involved in this sport and their bread and butter is attached to it. We are going to talk about the real heroes of this sport, those who show their medal in the ring – the wrestlers.

Wrestlers with their solid, healthy, protein filled rock like bodies are part of both girls’ and boys’ dreams. But due to the nature of this modern sport, the wrestlers have to suffer from many serious injuries which require expensive treatments and diets. That’s why the richest turns out to be the fittest.

Not many people have managed to earn enough to come in the list of richest from this sport. Still there are some big names that have won many championships and have managed to fill their pockets with millions of dollars. Here we have list of Top 10 World’s  Most Richest Wrestlers 2020


10. Mick Foley

Mick Foley, 10TH most richest wrestler

Worth: $ 15 million

Mick Foley from Indiana is a wrestler, author and an actor. He has won world championship four times. Recently he got a place in WWE Hall of Fame. He also holds the award of WWF Hardcore Championship. With this much titles and skills, no wonder he is worth so much money.


9. The Undertaker

The Undertaker, most richest wrestler

Worth: $ 16 million

When they said old is gold they certainly meant it for Undertaker. This man has been involved in wrestling since 1984 and still holds the record of being unbeatable at WrestleMania with a score of 21-0. WWE can never be complete without him. He is considered to be the best wrestler to ever step in the ring of WWE. He has won World Championship eight times! And is a six time World Wrestling Federation World Tag Champion. Do you still need a reason for his $ 16 million?


8. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels

Worth: $ 17 million

Four time world champion from Texas – Shawn Michaels is a former wrestler. He quit wrestling in 2010 after making a record of eleven Slammy Awards. After retirement he got a place in WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. He is a great entertainer and still missed by his fans. But after his retirement he is spending a lot of time with his family and favorite basketball team.


7. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho , 7th most richest wrestler

Worth: $ 18 million

Chris Jericho is a Ney York born actor, media personal and an accomplished wrestler. He is also a musician and a host. He is the first World Wrestling Federation Undisputed Champion. In his career that includes WWE, WCW and ECW, he has won almost 29 championships. He has also been part of different Mexican, Canadian and Japanese wrestling championships. He is probably the most versatile person in in the wrestling circles.


6. Kurt Angel

Top 10 World's Most Richest Wrestlers 2020

Worth: $ 20 million

Kurt Angel holds the record of being the first and the only professional wrestler to win a gold medal. He won it at Olympics. He showed interest in wrestling when he was 6 years old and won a championship in his high school. He is also a renowned WWE wrestler. He won a bronze medal in World Championship Atlanta. Curt Angel has a huge experience and has experimented almost everywhere. But recently he is aiming at UCF.


5. Triple H

Triple H

Worth: $ 25 million

Triple H is a very popular name in the wrestling fans as well as investment companies. This wrestler possesses immense physical strength and a fine knowledge of techniques to help him win over his competitors. He started with the ring name of Terra Ryzing in WCW. He then moved towards WWF. He is a real life husband of Stephanie McMahon, wrestling executive. Triple H has won 13 championships and is presently working outside the ring as Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Show.


4. Big Show

Top 10 World's Most Richest Wrestlers 2020, Big Show

Worth: $ 30 million

Big Show entered the world of wrestling in 1995. He is a professional wrestler and an actor. He is a seven times World Champion. Big Show has huge body and is notorious for injuring his opponent. He has earned a lot from WWE wrestling under his brand SmackDown. He twice won the World Heavyweight Championship. This gigantic wrestler has a huge fan following. His performance in ring has been flawless.


3. John Cena

John Cena, richest wrestlers

Worth: $ 35 million

John Cena is the one good looking wrestler who earned fame in a very short time. He is a professional musician and wrestler. He won back to back in the very beginning of his career. Presently he is 36 years old. Some of his awards and championships include, wining Heavyweight Championship twice and 11threign in WWE championship. He is a dangerous player in the ring but outside the ring he is the most generous person. He is the greatest granter of Make-a-Wish foundation. This huge star has helped a lot of poor children with deadly diseases. And we think that is the reason God has given him so much.


2. Steve Austin

Steve Austin , world's 2nd most richest wresteler

Worth: $ 45 million

Second richest wrestler on our list Stone Cold Steve Austin is a furious player inside the ring. He has innumerable championships up in his pockets. During his outstanding and shining career he won King of the Tournament title. He also won Royal Rumbles three times. He became part of World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2009. He is now retired from wrestling but returned recently for hosting new series ‘Tough Enough’.


1. The Rock

Top 10 World's Most Richest Wrestlers 2020, The Rock

Worth: $ 70 million

The Rock is the richest wrestler in the whole world. His $ 70 million came from a number of sources which include his wrestling career, acting, real estate business and some other things. He has 17 reigns of WWE championship including ten Heavyweight championships. At a younger age he was also interested in football and played it in high school but later he decided to pursue the career of his father and grandfather that is wrestling. Being the hardcore he is, his role in fast and furious earned him a lot of fame and fortune. The Rock is the world’s most richest wrestler in 2020.

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