Top 10 Worst April Fool’s Pranks Ever

1st April is known as April Fool’s Day, it is a day that is celebrated and widely recognized in numerous countries to play hoaxes and practical jokes on each other and to make fun and fool of different things. The people who are being fooled are known as April fools, even press and media also play hoaxes and seem to be very active on this day in such kind of things. It is a day that spreads humor but sometimes the jokes made by people do not spread humor and become pathetic and unbearable for the person who facing it. Here we have the list of top 10 worst April Fool’s pranks ever, read them and think yourself that these types of pranks should be made on this day, these are truly awful.

Top 10 Worst April Fool's Pranks Ever


10. The joke of Iraqi Ambassador

On 1st of April, 2003, when thousands of Americans led their troops united to attack across Iraq, the Iraqi ambassador Abbas Khalaf Kunfuth to Russia, arranged a press conference in Moscow. It was expected by many individuals that he held the press conference to confess the defeat of Iraq, but this was not true Kunfuth arranged the conference to make a prank. He took a piece of paper and pretended it as a news flash from news agency and read loudly from it that the Americans have unwittingly fired a nuclear missile into British armaments and many were killed. Instantly the entire room full of reporters went quiet with terror, then he smirked and exclaimed “April Fool”. This is one of the worst April fool pranks ever and just after the few days of this silliness, the Iraqi Government had to face extreme crisis.


9. Revival of the Warsaw Pact

In 1966, the Russian news agency named as Itar-Tass announced that the Russian parliament was discussing whether to restore the Warsaw Pact. This alarming news was instantly imitated by others news agencies and broadcasted on national radio in the Bulgaria and Czech Republic, causing tremendous consternation. Itar-Tass, which habitually runs a few hoax items on 1st of April, after few hours conceded that it was just an April fool joke and nothing else, and apologized the people for the confusion and panic it might have caused. The people also calmed down after receiving the apology and explanation.


8. Fake Disaster Warning

Top 10 Worst April Fool's Pranks Ever - diasater

Disasters are very pathetic they break the strength of even a strong person so what will happen with poor and soft hearted people, especially if there is wrong prediction or warning regarding disasters then it will be more ridiculous. In 1999, DJs at Oregon radio station disclosed that the Ochoco dam had blast and there is massive flooding. People got scared with this warning as there were numerous houses that had been destroyed the previous year, when the Ochoco brook had flooded, so scared house owners on hearing this news started strategies to escape. Later it was informed by the DJs to their listeners that it was a gag. This joke gave amusement to the DJs but it was really pathetic for homeowners.


7. Fake Death Report

In 1986, Israel Radio publicized the news of the assassination of the leader of the Shi’ite Amal movement, the name of the leader was Nabih Berri. Due to this news there was instant burst up of stress in the area. However, this news was rapidly denounced by the Israeli officers as a hoax. On investigation the culprit was found to be an army intelligence officer, who had seeded the news component in the newscasts of the monitoring unit of Israeli Army’s intelligence, from where it was elected by Israel radio. It was just an April fool’s hoax by that intelligence officer but the Israel’s defense Minister announced that the officer would be court-martial-ed.


6. Fake Robbery

Top 10 Worst April Fool's Pranks Ever - fake robbery

Sitra Walker was working at a clothing department in Columbus, Ohio. She was working there for almost two weeks, but had good terms with the manger, so that she could do a joke with him. On 1st of April, 2003, she called the manger at his home and informed him that few equipped men were stealing the store. The manager instantly informed the police, who immediately sent four cruisers. After sometimes the Sitra again called the manager and told him that it was an April fool. The police on arrival and knowing the entire situation charged her for creating panic and the manager of the shop also fired her from the job.


5. Fake Hanging

Top 10 Worst April Fool's Pranks Ever - hanging

One of the worst April fool’s pranks includes the incidence of fake hanging of Randy Wood. His marriage was over, but seemingly he was little bit harsh regarding the divorce, therefore he planned to play a hoax with his ex wife. He called his ex wife to come over, as he had to something to show her. When she reached at the spot, she found him hanging by a loop from a tree in his front garden.

She got extremely scared and immediately called 911, emergency services including policemen, fire fighters and paramedics quickly reached at the spot. But when they went to bring Wood down, they found that he was not dead and even had not received any injury. He just fastened himself as a prank by using a lineman’s harness just to shock his ex wife. The authority informed him that he would face the charges of up to $1000 and a year in jail for the prank he made.


4. The Dead Dog

The film National Lampoon’s Vacation incorporates a view in which Chevy Chase who is an American comedian, writer and actor fasten a dog with the bumper of his car and drives away without remembering that the dog is tied. Getting inspired from this scene, Paul Goobie fastened a dead Chihuahua; which is a breed of dog with the bumper of the car of his co-worker, Kevin Meloy.

His co-worker got in the car and drive away without knowing that the Chihuahua is fastened. Different motorists were scared and madly honking at him, but the situation was worse as he was deaf and could not listen the frantically honking of the motorists. He run the car happily for many miles away without knowing about the dog and then some one finally succeeded in getting his attention. He was fined by the police for the illegitimate dumping of a dead animal.


3. The Note With Deadline

The colleagues of Glenn Howlett’s at London city hall thought of a great prank and for this they sent him a note that the project in which he is working is going to be submitted early, in just two weeks. The hint was that the note was mentioned with the date of 1st April and Ha Ha but Howlett did not understand that it was a prank.He got the note when he was on vacations so he immediately cancelled his vacations and informed the office that he is on work again. On hearing the new deadline he decided to work harder, faced increased state of panic and within few days he also started to experience heart palpitations and then due to stress and anxiety he finally collapsed and decided to take leave from the work.

During his recovery he felt that health is more important then work and it is not good to endanger it for work, so he registered for early retirement. Then some one told him that it was just a prank, on knowing this he claimed for charges and a result of his claim, the employees of city hall were banned from making any more hoax.


2. Releasing The Prisoners

To play with some one emotion is really ridiculous and none of the people should do it even in a joke. One of the worst April fool’s pranks includes the experience of sixty individuals in April 2000 who got excited on reading the news of release of their beloved ones from the Baia Mare prison in Romania. Just imagining this news gave a great sense of pleasure to them, these people covered long journeys and stand outside of the prison gates and waiting severely for the moment when their loved ones will come out and be with. But their heart break into pieces that the paper had played with their emotions as this news was just an April Fool’s prank and no one is going to be released. An apology was published later by Opinia, but this was extremely disgusting joke.


1. Lively Enjoyment of Hussein and Son

Saddam Hussein and his sons were very heartless and power-hungry rulers, but they were used to of giving their people a good giggle on every 1st April. On 1st of April, 1988 a newspaper named Babil whose owner was Saddam Hussein’s son published a news that President of United States of America Clinton had decided to remove sanctions against Iraq and then admit afterwards that it was just a joke.

One can imagine the feelings of the readers who realize that they are being used for a fool and the laughter continued till 1999, when Saddam’s son Uday mischievously declared that the monthly food rations that are supplied would contain banana, chocolate and Pepsi.Then the people came to know that it was just a stupid joke that was made with the feelings of people. At this situation the Saddam appeared to have shortage of material as in 2000 they again used the sanction lifting joke and in 2001 the ration supplement joke.

They mercilessly repeated this joke again and again and played with the feelings of people. In 2001, the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz, who was the chief cleric of Saudi Arabia, decided to ban the celebrations of April Fool’s Day altogether and many people were seemed to be agree with him. It is not known that whether he knew the ideas of lively enjoyment of his neighbors, so he issued the ban or because of some other reason.

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