Top 10 Worst Cricket Teams In The World Now

Cricket is one of the oldest games which is still popular in many countries and is still played internationally. It was discovered in 16th century and the first international match was played in 1844 after which a new era started in cricket history. If we talk about cricket, there are many factors upon which the performance of the team depends. In past, people have seen many big and strong teams losing easy matches due to little reasons. Besides this, cricket is always linked up with different scandals about players and teams as a whole. Here we will see the top 10 worst cricket teams in the world now and will try to explore some reasons behind the scenario. Let’s have a look at the list.


10. Australia

Worst Cricket Teams -

The national Australian cricket team is the oldest cricket team in the history of cricket. They have played 767 test matches and won 360 out of 767 and lost 203, while drawing 202 matches. They have won four ICC world cups and two ICC champions league. Their main reason of poor performance is non-serious attitude by the players towards the game.


9. England

Worst Cricket Teams - England

England has one of the finest and biggest domestic cricket structure which is the main reason for the success of its team. It is one of the oldest cricket team and is the member of Big Three, the governing body of ICC. The unique thing about ECB is that they have different players for different formats of cricket that’s why their players remain focused and goal oriented. Now days, it is facing some problems due to poor performance and hard luck of the team which could be easily countered.


8. New Zealand

Worst Cricket Teams - New Zealand

The national cricket team of New Zealand is very unlucky considering their performance and opportunities available. They have never won a world cup in fact they have never played a final. The best they could give was to reach semifinals but lost their six times. New Zealand have a weak domestic cricket and it looks like their team is an orphan with no leadership and management.


7. Ireland

Worst Cricket Teams -  Ireland

Ireland cricket team was founded in 20th century and is one of the oldest one. Although it’s a small cricket team with less experienced players but they still manage to qualify for bigger tournaments such as world cup and champions trophy. They also have a poor domestic cricket which is the basis of having a good international cricket team and players. On the other hand they are on number seen because as compared to their resources and paraphernalia, they are still able to maintain their position in cricket.


6. India

Worst Cricket Teams - India

India is the biggest cricket board after Australia and England and is the third member of Big Three which governs ICC now. It can be rightly said that it is the richest cricket team which is due to their blistering domestic cricket. They organize a very big Indian Premier League almost every year through which they are able catch a lot of audience. They have no problem of facilities, players, capital and talent. Furthermore, Indian Cricket Board plays a pivotal role being the third member of Big Three union. After winning the 2011 world cup, Indian team lost some major test matches but still they are able to play well in ODI’s.


5. West Indies

Worst Cricket Teams - West Indies

At the very start of international cricket, West Indies cricket team was the champion of this game and was the only title holder. They won the two very first world cups in 1975 and 1979 respectively. But unfortunately, after this they were never able to claim this title again and are still striving hard for this. They have several opportunities like West Indies cricket board have a lot of money which is enough to prepare their players well. Moreover, their players are not loyal to their country in a sense that they play well in domestic cricket but are unable to achieve something good in international cricket. They also need a good management so that they can direct players in the right direction for fruitful results.


4. Kenya

Worst Cricket Teams - Kenya

Kenya is a small and poor country located in Africa. They were able reach semifinals in 2003 ICC World cup but after that their team totally collapsed. They don’t have enough capital to properly maintain their cricket board that’s why they lack in certain areas. After 2020 world cup, they unluckily lost their on day international status. They have very poor management due to which there is no or very less domestic cricket. New talent is very rare to be found in Kenya and youngsters are losing interest in this game.


3. Zimbabwe

Worst Cricket Teams - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was once the best cricket team in 1987 and went into semifinal of 1992 world cup. At that time Zimbabwe cricket team was at its peak and they had the best cricketers in the squad. The main reason of decline is basically lack of funds. The Zimbabwe cricket board has not enough money to properly maintain their infrastructure for productive purposes. There is no domestic cricket due to which very less people opt for this field.


2. Bangladesh

Worst Cricket Teams -  Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the unlucky countries where they have every opportunity but they don’t have proper management. They have a lot of good players and they play almost every other big tournament but still they haven’t won a single big cup. They have lack of experience and the management is unable to get rid of this problem. Their domestic cricket has not received a good response from the youngsters. Although they arranged a big domestic event a year back but still they were unable to attract audience and big sponsor groups.


1. Pakistan

Worst Cricket Teams - Pakistan

Pakistan is the most unpredictable cricket team. They have won a world cup along with a lot of other big events but still they are not consistent in their ranking. It’s very usual to see them on the top of the table and losing matches from a weak team like Kenya at the same time. They have a proper cricket board with enough money. The main problem is the poor captaincy by the captain and management along with non-serious attitude of players regarding game.

They have the best players in the world but as a whole team are not performing well. They seriously need to change their management and get purge of scandals, which is another reason Pakistan team, is famous for. Surely, if the use their energies in right path and focus on their game, they can claim themselves as the only champions of cricket.

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  1. come on,pak is not worse than kenya.but i agree with the fact that the pakistani team requires better captaincy

  2. Admin are u drunk ?
    No 1 team Austrailia according to your ranking has recently been whitewashed by pakistan … no doubt you from india and i can understand your feelings but that does not mean you can manuplate the facts.
    Go get a life loser

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