Top 10 Worst Jobs In The World

‘There is nothing called a free lunch’. If you have to live, you have to have food, clothes and shelter and there is a zero percent chance that all this will rain from the sky. So you have to get a job, work and earn for yourself and your family.But the requirements of every job are different, the working hours are different and the place is different. Basically the jobs are rated on four important factors which affect the worker. They include: 1) Environment 2) Income 3) Outlook and 4) Stress.

Obviously a job can’t be considered good if you have to work the whole day and still it fails to pay you enough to fulfill your basic needs. Then if the work environment is not good enough than obviously you can’t work with 100% efficiency and will end up being more exhausted than you have actually worked.

Based on all these factors, here is a list of Top 10 Worst Jobs in the World, but I am pretty sure that a rude and selfish boss can turn your dream job into living nightmare.


10. Military Personals

Military Personals

This job landed on number three in the list given by WP but call me a rebel, I don’t agree. I think it deserves to be on number ten. This job is difficult and there is no doubt about it. Fighting with the enemy, hectic routines and staying away from the family, all this is really an indication of a bad job. But because of the fact that it has huge honor and advantages related to it, here it is on number ten.


9. Maid

Top 10 Worst Jobs In The World

Though maids are becoming more and more demanding and their employment opportunities are also boosting, but it is never easy to clean someone’s mess and do everything as per command like a robot (even the robots disobey sometimes). And the pay is never generous enough.


8. Farmer

Top 10 Worst Jobs In The World, Farmer

Working day and night, without a minute to even scratch yourself and still uncertain if the hard work will pay off or not this is what a farmer works like. They nurture their crops like their babies and you can imagine how hard it would be to take care of so many children. Their wages are not impressive because the farm owners keep on filling their own pockets.


7. Oil Rig Workers

Oil Rig Workers, one of the worst job ever

The oil industry is blooming so there is no chance of decrease in job opportunities and that is not the reason for being number 8th on the list. Oil rig workers are here because of their low pay and danger related to work. They have to deal with heavy machinery in the field at any time and every time.


6. Meter Readers

Top 10 Worst Jobs In The World, Meter Readers

With the advancement in electronic meter reading technology, this job is losing it. And by it I mean the opportunity. Not just this, but they have to face all the problems on their way like angry land lady, dogs, bad weather and bribes.


5. Post man (Mail Carrier)

Post man (Mail Carrier), 5th worst job

If you are using internet and email service, then you are a direct reason for this job to land on our list. With all the use of electronic media and internet there are hardly any people who send letters except few official ones so obviously all of this industry has suffered a huge set back and this has resulted in little chances of salary increment. Moreover a mail man has to deal with angry people in the houses and their dogs.


4. Lumberjack

Lumber jack one of the worst jobs in 2020

On the list of 200 rated jobs, given by Washington Posts, this one comes at 199th position, which clearly means that this job deserves to be on our list. If you don’t know who a lumberjack is than I am sure you know about woodcutters (you would have heard of them in stories), well both are kind of same. This is a primitive job meant for strong men but it is certainly no more a symbol of masculinity. The job pays really low and the chances of salary increment are really remote. The work is tiresome with brutal environmental conditions. And of course working with a heavy sharp tool is dangerous.


3) Hazmat Diver (gutter cleaners)

Top 10 Worst Jobs In The World, Hazmat diver

The name might seem to be unusual, but the job is quite a usual and important one. Hazmat divers are people whose job is to dive into sewage. Ehh!! Do you still need a reason for this position in our list? I guess not. All of those readers, who are feeling gross, well don’t! Because they are really important people who keep your waste flowing and flushing. In case of any accidents near or in the sewers, these people clean the mess up. Their wages are really really low, work environment more than poor and they have got certainly very least of what you call respect, from the society.


2. Traffic Constable

Traffic Constable

Ever tried, standing in the scorching sun with a thick uniform looking, at the fools who just won’t obey the traffic rules, despite the fact that they are for their own safety. Well this is exactly what a traffic constable does, and you just pass by him without noticing what he is saying or doing. The pay in many countries is not very impressive and obviously the work environment, as mentioned is really poor. So here is a lesson to learn, next time when a traffic constable stops you or points out your mistake, deal him with respect and don’t forget to thank him for his services because certainly we are not literate enough to keep the traffic going without these unnoticed heroes.


1. Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Reporter, worst job in 2020

Though in the country I live in, everybody and anybody related to media and entertainment consider themselves bosses and in charge of every other job, but according to Washington Post, the job of newspaper reporter is considered to be the worst job of this year. Well the reason I figured out was that it is due to the conditions that they have to work in. Flood, earthquake, blast or murder, whatever happens or whatever is the weather condition, be it rain or thunderstorm or any other thing they have to be there and find out the details. They have to poke their noses in other’s lives, run after famous people and find out the whole story and report it to the station. So because of their working environment and hectic schedules, Newspaper Reporting tops our list of Top 10 Worst Jobs in the World.

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  1. I can’t say that I agree with the numbering or reasons when I think of how NZrs view people in these jobs. Newspaper reporting may have it’s difficulties but it would be very interesting at whatever level of pay, and it would be a great buzz to see their views (if not over-edited) in the newspaper each day. I think that diving is sewage would have to be no. 1 for sure.

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