Top 10 Worst School Massacres Ever

Killing people without any reason is always considered tragic but killing small innocent children in schools is the worst case. Not only because children are sophisticated and blameless but also due the fact that it destroys the idea of schools to be a safe place for children. We have seen many evil killings all around the world but attacking or shooting on a school is very lamentable. We have observed from the previous cases that this brutality of the killer is normally due to his abnormal brain condition, due to his poor psychopathy or due to the depression in his life. Such horrific school shootings always leave us to think that why this poor and ignorant creature? Many think that these incidents are increasing now days because of the unofficial availability of guns and weapons or their private ownership. Here are the Top 10 Worst School Massacres Ever




10. Azerbaijan Oil State Academy Shoot

On 30th April 2009, nearly at 9am, a person named as Farda Gardirov entered into the second building of Azerbaijan Oil State Academy (AOSA). He was armed with three cartridge belts with the capacity of 40 and 70 bullets. After entering in the public university at Baku, the killer first killed the gate keeper then he shoot the people (along his way) indiscriminately in their heads. He killed himself too by shooting in his head when he saw police approaching at the scene. In this sinful massacre, 12 people were killed and 13 were seriously injured. After investigation, it was described that Gardirov had some problem and he was an introvert child.


10.1 Columbia High School Shoot

This cruel high school killing on 20th April, 1999 is known as one of the most deadliest attacks at an American high school. The perpetrators were also the students of the same high school named as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold aged 18 and 17 years aged respectively. Both students were the active members of school play production, video production and later became computer assistants. Some said that killers were also the victims and some said the perpetrators were the real killers. Harris killed 7 people out of 13 and Klebold killed the remaining 5. Total 13 people were injured in this massacre. After having 6 min fire shoot with the police, they committed suicide in the school library.


9. University De Montreal

This incident is also known as “Montreal Massacre” in which the 25 years old boy named as Marc Lepine after entering into the Ecole Ploy-technique de Montreal, injured 12 women, 4 men and killed 14 women in just 20 minutes. He claimed himself as an anti-feminist kind of person. He wrote in his suicide note that women were responsible for ruining his life. This massacre took place on 6th December, 1989. This incident led to guns ownership law in Canada and debates of violence against women.


8. Albertville School Shooting

On March, 2009 shooting spree at Albertville School in Germany started, that killed 15 people and injured almost 13 people. The killer name was Tim Kretschmer, was a graduate and was described as a lonely, frustrated and felt himself a socially rejected person. He killed nine students (out of which 8 were female students) from the school, one chemistry lab teacher, Carjacked a Wolkswegan, after few hours of escape when found no way to run, shot himself. The motive of killer for this massacre was “just for fun”.


7. University Of Texas’ Massacre

After the Virginia Tech Massacre, this massacre is known as the second deadliest shoot in US college campus. The saddest thing of this pitiful shoot is not only the 12 killings and 32 injuries but also the murderer Charles Whitman (also known as The Texas tower Sniper) was a mechanical engineer with high IQ of 139. On 31st August, 1966 Whitman killed his mother and wife and on the very next day (1st July), he killed 3 people inside university tower and 11 others from the indistinctive fire spree. The reason behind this bloodbath was the depression of killer. This conflagration was stopped when an Austin police officer shot Whitman in his head.


6. Gutenberg Gymnasium Shoot

On 26th April, 2002, 19 years old gunman named as Robert Stein-Hauser, who was armed with 2 kinds of guns; killed 16 people including 13 faculty members, 2 students and one police officer. Some said that reason behind this carnage was the due to his expulsion from school and his desperateness about his future. The killer committed suicide and killed himself.


5. Dunblane Primary School Massacre

Top 10 Worst School Massacres Ever

This is known as one of the deadliest massacre involving firearms in the history of UK (United Kingdom). In this Dunblane School shoot, 43 years old Thomas Hamilton targeted students and staff of the school. He was armed with four handguns and killed 16 innocent children, one adult and injured 16 students. Many tributes have been paid to the School’s students. After this incident the law made the private ownership of guns illegal in UK. The killer committed suicide before he could catch by police of Scotland.


4. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting is considered as the deadliest mass shooting in high school and the second-deadliest mass shooting by a single person after Virginia Tech Massacre. This event took place on 14th December, 2012. The killer was 20 years old Adam Lanza, who before approaching to school for attack, shot his mother too. He brutally killed 20 children and 6 faculty members and then committed suicide.


3. Virginia Polytechnic Institute

10 Worst School Massacres Ever

This is another case of depression. The perpetrator was a South Korean boy and US permanent resident named as Seung-Hui Cho. He was diagnosed with anxiety disorder in the middle school. He was a senior level undergraduate at the same institute and during the last two year at Virginia Tech, his writing related to violence made his teachers concerned about him. On 16th April, 2007 this psychopath killed 32 people and wounded 17 people. The killer committed suicide when police reached at the doors of the campus.


2. Bath School Disaster

This is considered as the 2nd cruelest attack on school ever done in the history. The incident was carried out by a 55 years old farmer who was also the treasurer of his Bath township school. He evilly injured 58 people, killed 43 people (including 38 poor children) and then committed suicide by causing a blast in his truck which furthermore injured and killed many others near the truck. Not only had this he also blasted his farm and house due to which many animals were also killed.He was an electrical engineer and attacked the school on 18th May, 1927.


1. Peshawar Army Public School Terrorist Attack

Peshawar Army Public School Terrorist Attack

Life of every individual is extremely precious and any person having humanity can never ever think about anything that can harm the children. As children are innocent and beautiful blessing of nature, they are free of any cruelty and evil deeds but today on 16th of December, 2020 the worst massacre occurred in the Army Public School, Peshawar Cantt of Pakistan.

Worst Massacre Attack Peshawar Army Public School Terrorist Attack 2020

In this brutal attack, 132 innocent student between the ages of ten and eighteen years were killed, 9 faculty members died and numerous got injured. The terrorists six or seven in number entered the school and held the faculty members and students hostage and started firing on the students without any discrimination in the auditorium. They were fully equipped and had explosives with themselves, one of the terrorist blasted himself with explosive and it resulted in massive damage in terms of taking away lives of numerous innocent children. It was a miserable day in the history of Pakistan as everyone was in panic, there were noises of cry and pain, and everyone was so much worried and restless in search of their beloved ones.

The injured victims were admitted in the hospital and almost 500 students were safely evacuated by the army people. All the six terrorists were killed by the army till the evening.



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