Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks In The History

The word terrorism sounds extremely terrific, there is no definite definition of terrorism as it has verified controversial. It is therefore termed as the methodical use of violence as a means of compulsion for political purposes. In reality Terrorism includes the violent and brutal acts that provoke fear among the people. Terrorism and terrorists are the major issues that most of the countries are facing now days and are hurdle in the peace and prosperity of the country. Everyday newspapers fully elaborate the Terrorism attacks and their brutal acts that made numerous innocent victims to loose their life. Just one terrorism attack generates shocking waves in the bodies of the people and therefore a biggest threat for any country, freezing all the routine activities of life.It is very problematic to comment on terrorism but now days every one is frightening a war against terrorism and wish to eradicate it completely in their lives. There are various brutal and worst terrorist attacks that occurred in past and some dates that can never be vanished from history. Here is the list of top 10 worst terrorist attacks in the history that shows the senseless and brutal nature of the terrorists.


10. Attacks at Manhattan

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks -

One of the worst attacks in the history of the United States and remained scary is Attacks at Manhattan. On 3rd of August, 1977 a group of trained people entered Manhattan, they belonged to Puerto Ricon FALN group which was responsible for terrorist activities in US. These people brutally attacked on American defense builds and Mobil oil building. According to reports 1 person was killed in this attack while 8 were injured but it caused a great financial loss to the defense power.


9. Ma’alot Massacre Terrorist Attacks

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks - Ma’alot Massacre Terrorist Attacks

15th of May, 1973 is deliberated as the worst day in the Israeli history, because of the huge assassination that happened there as it was the only Jewish state in the world. The terrorists were three armed members who belonged to the Liberation of Palestine and entered the Israel from Lebanon and were responsible for such brutal and cruel terrorist attack. It involved a two day hostage of more than 115 people and killed 25 out of them while 66 were injured. This attack created mourns in all Israel and still after the 40 years of this Ma’alot Massacre Terrorist attack people remember the black day and the agony of the people.


8. Terrorist Attack On TWA Flight

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks - Terrorist Attack On TWA Flight

One of the worst terrorist attacks in the history is attack of TWA Flight, it is the worst terrorist attack in the air. On 8th of September, 1974 the flight from Athens to Rome flew in an ordinary routine, took a break in Greece and stayed there for about 68 minutes before take off and to reach their desired destination. During its journey, 30 minutes after the takeoff the plane suddenly crashed into the Lonian Sea. Firstly, it was suspected that it was because of engine failure but later the shocking truth came out that the plane was crashed because of a bomb blast that was hidden in cargo hold and the culprits belonged to the Abu Nadil Terrorist organization. In this miserable attack all 79 passengers and 9 working members lost their lives.


7. Chechnya Border Attacks

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks  -  Chechnya Border Attacks

24th March, 2001 is known as the saddest day in Russian history because of the terrorist attack on Chechnya border. Chechnya border is a border between European countries and Russia and was under high influence of terrorists at that time. On this day there were three car bomb attacks near the borders and affected this peaceful country of Europe as well. Both the countries faced the wrecked consequences and equally suffered the killings. In this sad incident of bomb blasts 20 people were died and almost 100 were injured.


6. Amerithrax Terrorist Attacks  

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks - Amerithrax Terrorist Attacks

Exactly one week after the September 11 attacks on 18th of September 2001, this brutal attack happened but caused a shock after various weeks. This attack was not by missiles or bombs but by letters containing anthrax spores were mailed to different well positioned officers, caused death of 5 innocent people and infected 17 others people. It is one of the most complicated cases in the history of America to be handled even by FBI officers. The Government officers after this terrific incident got scared and took high potency antibiotics and raised the security.


5. World Trade Centre Bombing Of 1993

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks - World Trade Centre Bombing Of 1993

This worst terrorist attack of bombing of World Trade Centre occurred before the 9/11 on 26th of February, 1993 and was not completely successful but caused huge damage to the buildings. In this attack a truck bomb was exploded below the North Tower of the World Trade Centre of New York. It was planned to knock down the both twin towers and to kill thousands of the people but the terrorists missed the task as they were failed to destroy the twin towers.7 people were died in this attack while 1,042 people were injured. It was an attack to demolish the backbone of US.


4. Bombing Of The Wall Street

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks -   Bombing Of The Wall Street

The bombing of the Wall Street occurred on 16th of September, 1920, around 12:00 pm when a horse- drawn wagon containing 100 pounds of dynamite was exploded by a timer-set detonation and shook the financial sector of the New York. This bombing caused the death of 38 people and 143 people seriously got injured. The culprits behind this act were not exactly traced but it was suspected that the Galleanists were the master minds behind this brutal attack, although not announced officially. This bombing caused a property damage of more than $2 million and demolished most of the interior spaces of the Morgan building.


3. Mumbai Attacks Of 2008

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks

The most weird and worst terrorist attacks in the history of India are Mumbai attacks of 2008. On 26th of November, 2008, the terrorist targeted the most popular and royal Hotel Taj Mahal that is located in the premises of Gate way of India. This attack included shootings, bombings, hostage crisis and siege. It was a 64 hours long war between the terrorists and the military forces, continuously bombardment from the both sides. On this sad day there were 10 attacks on the several places in Mumbai but the main focus was the hotel. This attack took away the lives of approximately 166 people including 10 attackers and injured more than 600 people.


2. Bombing Of Oklahoma City

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks - Bombing Of Oklahoma City

The Bombing of Oklahoma City was a domestic bomb terrorist attack on 19th of April, 1995, on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. It would remain the most demolishing terrorist act in the United States before 9/11 attack and therefore the second most deadly attack on American territory. This brutal bombing attack killed almost 168 people and more than 680 people injured. This blast destroyed 324 buildings, burned 86 cars, and crushed glass of almost 258 nearby buildings, therefore causing a huge damage of approximately $652 million. The terrorist Timothy McVeigh who was the mastermind of this attack was imprisoned and was hanged to death after 6 years.


1. 9/11 Attack Of The World Trade Center

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks -  9-11 Attack Of The World Trade Center

This deadly attack happened on the 11th of September, 2001 when the terrorists completely destroyed the World Trade Center by hi-jacking two planes and then colliding and crashing them into the World Trade Center building. According to the official reports 8,900 people were injured and 2,993 people were died in this deadly attack. It was a well planned tricky attack that raised questions against the intelligence power and security of the nation. The mastermind behind this cruel attack was Al Qaeda and its leader Osama Bin Laden who was the top most wanted terrorist of the world and was killed on 2nd of May by special American force. This 9/11 attack is still remembered and scare the people when this date arrives.

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  1. and what about what these countries did in the name of “retaliation” after these attacks and killed millions of innocent people

  2. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, although Hiroshima did have military forces (around 40,000 units) there due to it being a garrison the civilian population vastly outweighed the military and there was no excuse for Nagasaki with only around 6,000 military units. Despite the United States government not being a “terrorist organization” the definition of terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Thus, such an act is considered an act of terrorism.

    1. The japs deserved it! Isn’t what the Japanese did to Asian-pacific countries such as slavery and torture terrorism?

  3. The mastermind of Mumbai Terror Attacks is still roaming free in Pakistan. Most of the UN’s list of Most Wanted terrorists are living safely in Pakistan. Osama bin laden was killed in Pakistan and only when CIA decided to keep the operations secret from Pakistan.
    Instead of hunting for terror groups, the UN should take action against nations with terrorist ideology.

    1. So true, powerful and influential nations should be working to expose to the world the corruption of countries like Pakistan. Terrorism would be a hard cycle to break though, but it’s worth a shot

  4. Where is the worst attacks carried out by American terrorist in Iraq and Afghanistan, Vietnam, soviet Union and Cuba?

  5. What about the Air India 747 bombing in the mid 80s? That would be the worst terrorist attack in the air..

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