Top 15 Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy

Have you ever imagined your life without cell phones, computers, televisions or air conditioners? Not exactly…!! We can say that technology has grabbed our nerves so tightly that we can hardly ever think living without all these gifts of science and technology. All these gadgets, in your hands, lying on the couch or hanging on the wall are all miracles of this advancement. And all these gadgets are made to make everyone’s lives easier and comfortable. If you also want to make your everyday life easy, then read this article and get an idea what to buy for yourself this month with your savings. Here is a list of Top 15 Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy.


15. Trakdot Luggage

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy -

Tracker As the name indicates, it is a tracker placed in the luggage to keep a track where your luggage is going. If you have a business of sending luggage to far off places or you have some relatives abroad and you fear of losing your precious things; then place a Trakdot Luggage Tracker and keep a record of your luggage wherever it is going.


14. Apple Bluetooth

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - Apple Bluetooth

Watch Apple has launched a “Smart Watch” with a display of 1.55” and a 24 hrs. battery. It has a built in Bluetooth which can pair with iOS devices. Data can be transferred now even through the watch.


13. Solar Charging Window

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - Solar Charging Window

This invention is no less than a miracle. If you have no access to electricity or voltage, then solar charging window is available. Attach this gadget to the window facing sun and plug the other side into your phone. The solar energy would be converted to electrical energy. Through this you can also conserve energy and reduce your electricity bills.


12. iPhone Video Projector

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - iPhone Video Projector

Through this gadget, you can run your videos or slides residing in your iPhone through one plug only. Plug your iPhone with this device and run your video on the projector. It is handy and you can easily carry it with yourself.


11. iT7x2 Bluetooth Headphones

iT7x2 Headphones range image

These are not ordinary headphones; rather they have built in Bluetooth, microphone. You can listen to your favorite songs with amazing sound through Bluetooth. It is worth $261.


10. Apple Wireless Keyboard

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - Apple Wireless Keyboard

If you want to operate your Apple devices even if you are not stick to the device, then you must have an Apple Wireless Keyboard. Wireless means that it is cable free keyboard and it operates using a Bluetooth technology. Connect your keyboard with Mac or iPad through Bluetooth and you purpose would be served.


9. Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

This tablet is equipped with Gamepad and other Optional Peripherals to give an enhanced gaming effect. It has a RAM of 8 GB with 1.9 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU. A 256 GB SSD card is installed with Nvidia GeForce GT 640 LE GPU. A true gamer must experience it once.


8. Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Are you a bibliophile? And you do not have a Kindle E-Reader? Were you living a life then? I guess not at all. You can get it for $79. And in turn you would get a 6 inch gadget with an inbuilt Wi-Fi which can borrow books from library. You can read books easily in the wide screen in your bed, on the couch, inside the kitchen or while travelling.


7. Sony VAIO Pro 13

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - Sony VAIO Pro 13

This laptop is light in weight and easy to carry with a 13.3 inches of screen. It has got awesome features fulfilling demands of most of the users. It is touch screen which lessens most of working problems. Battery life is appreciable and so is the processor. It is cheaper than the latest MacBook Air 13 with nearly the same features.

6. Paper Tab

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - . Paper Tab

This unique tablet has an additional feature of being flexible. It is invented by collaboration of Intel, Queen’s University and Plastic Logic. The processor is that of Corei5. It has got a display of 10.7 inches and has a touch screen of course. It is like a laminated paper and can easily be bent like paper. Isn’t it amazing..?


5. Project Shield

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - Shield

It is a portable gaming gadget from NVIDIA. It has a screen of 5 inches and 720p. It can be connected to other devices through Wi-Fi and it runs with Android Jelly Bean. It is actually an Xbox controller. It is powered by processing chip of Tegra 4 mobile. The screen and the keyboard provides with a gaming environment which true gamers would definitely admire.


4. Sony Xperia Z

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - sony xperia z

No doubt, Sony Xperia Z is one masterpiece of its kind. It is an Android Jelly Bean device with a sleek and slim body. The best feature is that it has a display of 1080p. And the fact that it is waterproof is like cherry on the top. So if you have babies around who throw your phone in water very often, Xperia Z is your actual destination then.


3. Pebble

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - Pebble

This is again a smart watch and saying that you are wearing a smartphone on your hand would not be an exaggeration at all. This is a unique invention with a lot of pre-installed apps. It has built in Bluetooth as well and it can connect to all iOS and Android devices efficiently. It has e-link screen. All in all it is a miraculous invention comforting you in every way possible.


2. MacBook Air 2020 Edition (13- inch)

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - MacBook Air 2020 Edition (13- inch)

This is certainly an awesome laptop leaving all others behind regarding technology. It is dual core with specs of 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 chips. It has an additional Hyper Threading feature which is responsible for running the two cores at the same time and actually four virtual cores are running. This makes the speed to 2.6 GHz. It has 1440*900 resolution and its dimensions are 1.7*32.5*22.7 cm. it supports graphics of HD 5000 and videos of 68.9 fps. All other features which are actually extraordinary make this laptop an amazing invention. Read all the details and buy it.


1. Google Glass

Most Amazing Gadgets You Must Buy - google glass

While searching for the awesome gadgets, I came across Google Glass and could not stop myself on placing it at first place in the list of top 15 most amazing gadgets. It is just like that instead of wearing your glasses you are wearing a smartphone. And amazingly your all works are done by just tapping or clicking with your fingers.

Google Glass is Android based with in-built apps. You can take pictures, check emails, answer texts and listen to music without carrying a heavy gadget in your hands. You can even search and shop through different apps like Trulia app, Fancy app etc. You would get updates on your timeline through Google Glass while the world would be passing by the same way. It is a little expensive but true tech lovers would love to spend their savings on this fabulous invention.

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