Top 6 Evil Human Experiments

In early times there was a lot of knowledge that was undiscovered. For this purpose a lot of experiments were done in the history. If we look back we can see series of experiments done in the historical timeline. Like everything else, experiments are also both beneficial and non beneficial. even if some are beneficial these experiments are done in such environment that they went beyond the concept of bad and enter into the domain of evil, and thus are termed as evil experiments. The worst of their range that make them evil is due to these are done on normal living human beings among of whom were mostly unaware of the experiment being done on them. So they are called Evil Human Experiments. Here we have complete list of Top 6 Evil Human Experiments.


6. Stanford Prison Experiment

Stanford Prison Experiment

This is a psychological study done to experience and observe the human responses to captivity and human behavioral effects in response to authorities and inmates in prison. A team of researchers in 1971, leading by a psychologist Philip Zimbardo from Stanford University make the sample size of the undergraduate volunteers who were made to play the part of both the guards and the prisoners, living in the mock prison build under the basement of Stanford psychology building. This experiment gave the sadistic behavior of one third of the volunteers who were playing the role of the guards, where as the prisoners was emotionally traumatized so much so that two of them had to be removed early.


5. The Monster Study

The Monster Study

In 1939 an experiment was conducted by Wendell Johnson, along with one of his graduate on 22 children at university of Iowa divided into two groups. The students with the positive speech therapy going on were supported and praised on their speech therapy and there fluency. Whereas the negative speech therapy students were treated with making them believe that they are stutterers, belittling them for every speech imperfection. This experiment causes negative psychological effects that include retained speech problems. This experiment was named as “Monster Study”.


4. Project 4.1

Top 10 Evil Human Experiments, Project 4.1

From March 1, 1954 Castle Bravo there was a nuclear test at Bikini Atoll which had an unexpectedly large yield. This was Project 4.1, which was an experiment conducted by US government a massacre, which had its ambiguous effects going on even after a decade and was very difficult to correlate to the radiation exposure. The effects included miscarriages and still births to the exposed women doubled in the first five years. Things started to normalize with some developmental difficulties. But the decades followed the effects reappeared causing dispropotionalities in the children suffering from thyroid cancers.


3. Project MKULTRA

Top 10 Evil Human Experiments, Project MKULTRA

Starting from 1950’s and continued through late 1960’s there was a project run by office of scientific intelligence. This was the project MKULTRA which was actually the code name for the IA mind control experiment. In this project the mental states were disturbed and to alter their brain functions by surreptitious use of many types of drugs, as well as other methodologies.


2. The Aversion Project

The Aversion Project

In 1970’s and 1980’s all the soldiers who were lesbians and gay were forced to undergo the sex-change operation and other medical disasters like chemical castration electric shock, and other unethical medical experiments. This was done to root out the homosexuality in the apartheid army, though the exact number of the soldiers under this experiment is unknown yet it was estimated that 900 were forced into this experiment.All the suspected soldiers were sent to the psychiatrist department of army aided by chaplains. Those who were not cured by the psychiatrist treatment were given under this experiment in which they were cured by drugs, aversion shock therapy, hormone treatment, and other radical psychiatric means were chemically castrated or given sex-operations.


1. North Korean Experimentation

North Korean Experimentation

This experiment is basically rated similar to those human abuses in Nazi and Japanese human experiment in World War II. It was a severe experiment in which 50 healthy women prisoners were selected and were forced to eat poison cabbages despite denial of some who have already eaten.

All of the 50 women were dead after 20 minutes due to vomiting blood and blood from anal. Though North Korean government denied of this experiment but one former North Korean women prisoner described all of this.

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