Top Ten Most Unique Christmas Decor Items 2020

The only way it feels like Christmas morning is the snow and the decorations all over the house, on the doors, dining table and rooms. The decorations and adornments make you feel like a holiday and elevate the spirit of celebration. There are plenty of ideas to celebrate your home with décor items, and if you don’t feel out taking the last year items and putting up again, you can always be creative with them and give them a new look. Around the Christmas all the shops have wonderful items and you can choose the best to decorate your home. Here are the Top Ten Most Unique Christmas Decor Items 2020.


10. Top Table

Most Unique Christmas Decor Items -

With Christmas around all the mothers try their best to make the day as memorable as possible for the children. The food, decorations and Christmas tree is indeed an unforgettable event. The delicious food tempts all and as a Christmas décor if you put the food on a top table with lights around it, it looks incredible. The top table is easily available in shops and can be used on other holiday dinners as well.


9. Tinsel, Garlands & Wreaths

Most Unique Christmas Decor Items - Most Unique Christmas Decor Items

I believe that on every Christmas your entrance matters as much as your indoor decorative items. So, this Christmas prepare something sparkly and shiny for your entrance. If you have bought a wreath for your entrance, it could always use some more additional items. We all are left with some Christmas ornaments we don’t want to use the coming Christmas, therefore, use some golden glitter and paste it all round them and hang on the entrance door. You can also attach a bow on the top to give it a proper look. You can even use red glitter or silver to make it look colorful.


8. Ice-Cream Christmas Ornaments

Top Ten Most Unique Christmas Decor Items

We all love to follow our traditions and the foremost tradition is hanging of the socks, so if your socks are worn out by hanging on every Christmas Eve, you can make new ones using some of your imagination. Instead of weaving socks with multi-colors and designs, try making socks in the shape of ice-cream. The cone can be the opening and it will look wonderful and color. You can use as many colors as you want and Christmas will be colorful and exciting.


7. Forget The Pine Cones And Berries

Most Unique Christmas Decor Items - Forget The Pinecones And Berries

Instead of hanging cones and berries and wreaths all over your staircase, you can try something innovative this Christmas by using paper as decorations. They are light, fluffy and create a beautiful look. You can always go for a different combination instead of the typical Christmas colors.


6. Bonbons


Just like no Christmas is complete without a tree, likewise there is no Christmas without bonbons. Over the years Bonbons have become an important part of our decoration. The Bonbons look wonderful attached to the branches of a tree, or hanging around the home. They make a wonderful addition to a wrapped gift as well due to its shimmering. Bonbons are also used as treat for kids by placing them on the dining table with hidden delights in them. So the multi-purpose uses of Bonbons make it a compulsory item in the decor process.


5. Animation & Toys

Most Unique Christmas Decor Items - Forget The Pinecones And BerriesBonbonsAnimation & Toys

Every decoration and embellishment we do on Christmas is according to our family. The family with adults decorates the home with a Christmas tree whereas a home with kids, granddaughters and grandsons has a different aura. You will find lots of candy ad eatables which they want to eat and a lot of animations and toys wrapped in red scarfs and green suits. Therefore, if you have a lot of children coming this Christmas, gather all the toys and wrap them in green scarfs and you can knit some red Santa caps for the little teddy bears and animals.


4. Hanging Pictures

Most Unique Christmas Decor Items - Hanging Pictures

There are a number of things available in Christmas shops you can use to decorate your Christmas tree; you will find dazzled balls, some hangings, and decorative socks. But if you create some of your own decorations for the tree, it will look more cozy and spectacular. If you have a big family and you have planned a get together this Christmas, the best idea to decorate your Christmas tree is by hanging all the childhood pictures of your family on the tree. Everyone will love this exclusive and lovable arrangement.


3. Conifers Christmas Tree

Christmas 2020

We all decorate our homes for Christmas to give a proper aura of a festive holiday, but at times we forget the entrance of our homes. You can either put a Merry Christmas rug on the entrance or hang one on the door, and you can always make a small Christmas tree at home and place it at the entrance of your home thus giving a lovely look. You can make the Christmas tree using old branches and embed them into any old pot and hang conifers and balls on the branches. Additionally, you can always add some lighting to it to give a shinier look.

2. Decorate Chairs

Most Unique Christmas Decor Items - Decorate Chairs

If you have a huge family dinner coming and you have almost all the decor items you need and still feels incomplete, you can always use some items on the dining chairs. Wrap them up in maroon clothing with green and golden ties around. You can hang a sparkly ball at the end as well or attach conifers with leaves on it.

The chairs will give a very chic look to the whole diner party and your Christmas will be an outstanding event.


1. Decorative Socks

Most Unique Christmas Decor Items - Decorative SocksDecorate Chairs

Decorating the Christmas tree is not only the thing you will have to decorate to have the proper feelings of Christmas. The mantel piece of your lounge is the main area, and requires your creativity too. Now, everyone hangs socks on the mantel what you can do to make it look prettier is decorate your socks by either painting it or buying some socks with embroidery on it. You can always place grass all over the mantel place with candles, conifers and some fancy balls to make it look shiny and lighting.



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