What and How to Lubricate the Door Hinges So that they Do not Break?

Squeaking hinges accelerates wear and tear and irritates hearing and nerves. With proper care of door hardware, the design will remain suitable for use longer. And inaction in such a situation in the future will lead to the breakage and replacement of the loops. It is much easier and cheaper to take care of them on time. Regular lubrication will help prevent problems and prolong your service for a longer period.

Why do the loops creak?

Creak door hinges start for many reasons. It is important to monitor its condition to avoid further wear. The main problems that cause the appearance of squeaks are as follows.

Insufficient lubrication. Over time, the lubricant expires. It thickens, spreads, or dries out, blocking the normal course of the door, which has a devastating effect on the mechanism.

Corrosion The most common cause of squeaky door hinges. All due to increased humidity, which is transferred not all metal elements of the door frame. If you do not take measures against rust, the movement of the canvas is gradually hampered, and the iron is destroyed.

Wear pieces. Prolonged or improper operation of the door frame and its accessories leads to wear of the mechanism.

Contamination Dust and small debris often accumulate in the hinge space. If you do nothing, the dirt collects in the grease, it climbs onto the hinge hinges and gradually begins to grind the metal like an abrasive.

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Tilting the door. If the door leaf is massive or if a mistake was made during the installation of the structure, it can be skewed. This is not only detrimental to accessories but also causes further loosening of the case and changing the contours of the canvas. The consequences of an unprofessional installation are usually felt in the first days of operation of the door frame.

The most common failures during installation, leading to unpleasant consequences: misalignment of the assembled structure, improper or fragile installation of the hinges, the friction of the sheet against the casing, box, or casing. The conclusion suggests itself: the squeak of the door suggests that you should immediately understand the reason for its appearance.


Choosing a lubricant

Before you start to establish a normal, quiet course of the door leaf, you need to understand what kind of lubricant is suitable for this. On sale, several special compositions are suitable for street or interior doors. The most popular are the following ready-made products.

WD 40. Very effective and effective oil material, which allows not only to eliminate squeaking and improve the sliding of metal parts but also to eliminate corrosion. The tool creates a protective film on the treated surfaces that prevents the further spread of rust.

Little The perfect type of squeak grease for your metal entry door. Thanks to its water resistance and frost resistance, it can be used in outdoor conditions. The most suitable option for the prevention of corrosion on the hinges of all exterior doors, gates, and garage doors.

Solid oil. Fat, viscous in consistency mass, one of the most practical materials. Suitable for the lubrication of moving parts in mechanisms. Claim Universal remedy in the form of a thick oil with an antioxidant additive.

If you didn’t have a factory tool for lubricating metal parts, you can try one of the “popular” tools. In our grandparents’ youth, Litol and WD were absent, but they knew how to deal with the screeching problem with improvised elementary media.

A simple pencil. The slate pencil was crushed and poured into loops or lifted the door leaf and put a piece directly into the mechanism, and he crushed it to powder. The wax and oil on the tip effectively helped get rid of the annoying squeak.

Liquid soap This is a more modern tool for lubricating door hinges. It is always at home in stock. A drop of the viscous concentrate is enough, and the course of the web will be smoother and quieter. 

It helps for a while, but there is always the opportunity to repeat the treatment. Wax. In the house, there is always a candle that can be used not only for lighting but also to improve the sliding of worn mechanisms.

Sunflower oil. Any vegetable fat from the hostess’s kitchen will help eliminate the metal creak for a short time. Even a teenager can handle vegetable oil. Special skills and instructions are required for lubrication. There are many kinds of oil for door hinges.

But this method is considered temporary, as the powder quickly clings to sunflower oil. The resulting dirt will quickly lead to wear on the mechanism. Motor oil and work from them. A better choice for car owners. Such lubricants are always in stock.

Oil for the processing of parts of a sewing machine. Needle women know that such a tool lubricates all mechanisms of movement. It is also the absence of greasy traces and the ease of application. In the apartment, such precision does not hurt.

Vaseline If none of the above is available, ordinary petroleum jelly is suitable for lubricating metal. This, of course, is a temporary measure of “taming” the squeak until a special tool can be obtained and the loop is rehabbed as it should be. 

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