World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities

The ‘perspectives’ here are meant to be explored by man himself. Go out there. See new places. Experience what it feels like to be on another land, in some different people having a language different than yours, discover a culture that is unique and distinct from others, do something that’s out of your comfort zone and you’ll remember that feeling forever! For this very reason, we bring to you the World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities. These cities will not only make you fantasize about your dream holiday but they will also offer you an insight to the beauty of nature that lives in them.

And now we present to you the Countdown!!


10. Bruges (Belgium)


World's Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities, Bruges (Belgium)

Bruges is located in the North West Of Belgium and it is the largest city of the Province of West Flanders, and also the Capital of this country. It is located in the north-west side of the country. Bruges is sometimes referred to as “The Venice of the North” and at one time it was also the chief commercial city of the world. One of the most notable things in Bruges is its medieval architecture. Most of the buildings are intact and are a huge attraction for the city dwellers as well as the tourists. There is a historic centre in the city which happens to be UNESCO’s famous World Heritage Site. Church of our Lady and Michelangelo’s masterpiece work, Madonna and the Child, are one of the main attractive structures in the city. But this is not all; Bruges’ most famous landmark is the 13th Century Belfry. It houses a municipal carillon comprising of 48 bells. The city employs a carilloneur who gives free concerts on a regular basis. It is sort of a tradition over there and is loved by everyone who watches the spectacular concert of Belgian bells. It has a rich culture and art perspective to it too. The city has an impressive collection of museums, cinemas, art galleries, theaters, concert halls, and music and food festivals. It’s an amazing place to visit for all those people who love art and culture.


9. Budapest (Hungary)

World's Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities, Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest is one of the largest countries in European Union and also the capital of Hungary. It is the most important city to Hungary when it comes to politics, culture, trade and business, commercialization and transportation. Hungarians arrived in this territory in the 9th Century after the Romans. It’s impressive and monumental world heritage includes the banks of Danube River, The Buda Caste quarter, Hero’s square and the famous Millennium Underground Railway, which is the second oldest system of railways in the world and perhaps the most durable too. This city is also in the list of op 25 most popular cities of the world because it attracts 4.3 millions tourists every year .In addition to this, Budapest is also into sports! It has 7 professional football teams. The city also happens to be the home for Olympics, World and European Championships winners and medalists.


8. Rome (Italy)

Rome (Italy), most beautiful cities

Have you guys seen “The Gladiator”? If not then you should read what I have for you. “I’ve seen much of the world. It’s cruel and dark. Rome is the light!” Maximus (The protagonist in the movie) said this to King Marcus Aurelius while expressing his hope and pride in the city. Rome has had a very famous and intriguing History, one on which historians and authors have written numerous books and stories, just to capture the essence and vitality the word “Rome” hides in it. Julius Ceaser was the emperor of Rome!! Much of the attention is grabbed from this very name. It is the capital of Italy and has acquired two names owing to its past and present lifestyle; Ancient Rome and Modern Rome. Most people remember Rome today because of its history, at least laymen. Researchers and anthropologists might be interested in its modern aspects as well. Rome is the city of the most breathe-taking and prodigal monuments in the world starting form The Coliseum. It is still there in the city and attracts tourists from all around the world. Motion pictures and Film Industries have targeted Roman stories and History for several years. It is a city of mysticism and thrill at the same time. Famous Personalities like Cicero and Augustus were all from Rome and lived during the era of Julius Ceaser and his father Marcus Aurelius. In addition to this, the Forum of Trajan and the Pantheon, theaters, gymnasiums, marketplaces, functional sewers, bath complexes, supplied with libraries and shops, and fountains with fresh drinking water, delivered through highly technical and advanced aqueducts, have been Rome’s achievements in the world. It is a remarkable and beautiful place to visit.


7. Florence (Italy)

Florence (Italy)

Florence is the capital city of the Province of Florence in Italy. It is the centre of the medieval European trade and finance and is the wealthiest city at the time in Europe. It’s famous for its history as well, especially the symbolic monuments it has all over the city. Dan Brown is a very famous author, his book “Inferno”, highlights the importance of the city. The most fantastic fact here is that it is the birthplace of the Renaissance! Due to this fact it has been called The Athens of the middle Ages. It was declared as the World Heritage Site in 1982. Owing to the exemplary artistry and architecture of Florence, the city is ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is famous for its history, culture, Renaissance architecture and art! These things are not to be missed. The city is also gifted with art museums and galleries including the Uffizi Gallery and The Pitti Palace! Furthermore for all those fashionable ladies and gentlemen, Florence is also ranked as the top Italian Fashion city. Florence also became the music centre of Europe in the Middle Ages and performing arts is still a major constituent of its rich culture. Opera was invented in Florence in the 16th Century and famous people who lived here are Piero Storozzi, Giulio Caccini and Mike Francis.


6. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam (Netherlands), most beautiful cities

The name Amsterdam is derived from Amsterledamme, which means “A dam in the River Amstel”. This City is one of the world’s most important Ports. At that time, the city used to trade diamonds!! The 17th Century canals of Amsterdam were added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in July 2010. Amsterdam has an oceanic climate because of its proximity with the North Sea and prevailing winds from the west. The city is surrounded by three large water bodies and has a significant “heat-island” effect as well. This city is famous for its night life! It has many cafes which range from big and modern to small and cozy. Kinninginnedag is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in the city. It becomes overcrowded with people buying things from the free market or visiting one of the many music concerts! The yearly Holland Festival attracts artists from all over Europe. Fashion brands like Gstar, Gsus, Blueblood and designers like Mark Visser, Viktor and Rolf and Frans Molenaar are based in Amsterdam. As far as architecture is concerned, Amsterdam has a load of exciting things to offer to its tourists! The oldest building in Amsterdam is the Oude Kurk (Old Church), at the heart of the Wallen, consecrated in 1306. The oldest wooden building is Het Huoten Huys. It was constructed around 1425 and is one of the only two surviving wooden buildings in Amsterdam. It is also one of the examples of Gothic architecture in Amsterdam! If anybody loves Doughnuts, they should know that Amsterdam made this sweet delight too! Really cool place.


5. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Some say that God made the world in six days and Rio on the seventh. Rio de Janeiro, commonly referred to as Rio, is the largest city of the state of Rio de Janeiro, second largest city of Brazil and the third largest metropolitan area in South America. It is one of the most visited and liked places in the southern hemisphere because of its natural settings, hot beaches like Bossa Nova and Balaneirio and the famous, Samba Dance! Its cultural festivals are the most colorful and vibrant in the whole world along with Japan’s. The parades are a spectacle worth watching! More interesting fact is that the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics will be hosted by Rio, the first Portuguese speaking nation to uphold the honor. Rio’s Marcana Stadium which hosted the 1950 FIFA World Cup will host it again in 2020, the much anticipated football event. Rio is the main cultural hub in Brazil. It embraces architecture form the 16th to the 19th century, consisting of churches and buildings, with strokes of the modern 20th century design too. Rio has also been into the movie business and the International Rio de Janeiro Film Festival is being held since 1999. Major International Films set in Rio de Janeiro include Blame it on Rio, and the Oscar award winning historical drama Black Orpheus, which depicts the early carnival days in Rio. The National Library of Brazil is also ranked as the 8th largest library in the world. It is the largest library in all of Latin America. Therefore, go and take a sun bath in Rio de Janeiro with a book in your hand.


4. Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon (Portugal), 4th most beautiful city

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and the largest city there as well. Lisbon is twinned with Peshawar in Pakistan! The architecture of this city is fascinating ranging from Romanesque, Gothic and Manueline to Baroque, Modern and Postmodern structures. It is the 11th most populous city in the European Union. It is a very important global city considering its popularity in trade, education, entertainment, media and the arts. Adding to the importance and attraction for it, Lisbon is also recognized as one of the oldest cities in the world!! Predating London even! Therefore it is highly successful when it comes to inviting tourists over to visit.


3. Prague (Czechoslovakia)

Prague (Czechoslovakia)

Prague is not only the largest city of the Czech Republic but also its Capital too.. It is the 14th largest city in the European Union and the architecture is inspired form the Renaissance eras. Renaissance age was an age of exploration and discovery therefore Prague is a place worth visiting because of its grand educational institutions! The education offered here still clings on to that Renaissance essence and passion for knowledge. One of the most fascinating things about Prague is that it is 1,100 years old! Wow. Just imagine the spectacular and inspiring heritage this city must have within it. That’s why we put it up here on our number 3 spot.


2. Paris (France)

Paris (France)

Whenever I hear about Paris, music starts ringing in my ears. Yes, Paris, the City of Love and Romance, is the second most beautiful city in the world. If anyone wants to go for a world tour, they will be regarded as dumb if they don’t visit this wonderful place. Paris is particularly famous for The Eiffel Tower and its French Cheese. That’s just a funny remark but on a serious note Paris has been the centre for the most important political movements in France! The French Revolution included. Throughout centuries, Paris has developed both politically and economically and has been undergoing changes in its architectural styles, museums and theatre history. France is famous mainly because of this beautiful city. All the perfumes and finest cuisine of the world finds its place in Paris. The French are proud to own this wonderland of a city. Paris follows a very interesting motto, “Fluctuat nec mergitur”, which means, “It is tossed by the waves but does not sink”.


1. Venice (Italy)

Venice (Italy) , world's most beautiful city

Venice is located on the north eastern side of Italy and is The MOST beautiful city in the world!! And why is it ranked number 1? Because Venice is the most unique place you’ll find on the planet. It is bestowed with the huge honor of being a World Heritage Site in its entirety.It is recognized by many curious names like “The City of Water”, “The City of Masks”, “The City of Bridges” and “The City of Canals” and many more! It is referred to as one of the most romantic cities in Europe by the Times Magazine.

Venice has a rich architectural heritage; the most famous style though is the Gothic architecture found in most of its buildings. The city also has a blend of Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles. One of the achievements of this city is that it has helped Italy to form and shape its musical wealth. Italy is known to be “Republic of Music” simply because of Venice. That is because in every household, you’ll find a musical instrument and people playing and singing with it. So there is water, boats, music and wonderful buildings in the scenery to calm the heart. This puts Venice to the top of World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities.



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  1. Colosseum, Roman Fora, Appia Antica, Terme di Caracalla, Pantheon, San Pietro, the Vaticans and the Sistine Chapel, Castel Santangelo, Ara Pacis, the seven basilicas and the hundreds of other churches, Campidoglio, Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Popolo, the new Auditorium and EUR… Rome is ten times Venice or Florence, and uncomparable to the others!

    1. Thanks for pointing this out! I was born in Slovakia(Czechoslovakia at the time), and they split way back in 1993.

  2. The cities are superbly wonderful but I must build an unbeatable record breaking city ever in the world.

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